About Cocktail Servers.com

Who Are We?

We are a group of degenerates who like to drink, of course! Just kidding! We are a small group of former bartenders (forced into corporate jobs), a bar owner (who refuses to hire the bartenders but that's another story) and some amateur mixologists who want to share some of their favorite concoctions with the world!

We don't make much money on the site (if any) so this is purely hobby. We bought a cocktail database, uploaded it to a website and have been adding to it (and deleting the garbage cocktails when we find them) and this little hobby has grown to over 16,000 cocktail recipes.

Each weekend (and some weeknights) we select a cocktail or two to try and make. If they come out nice, we snap a picture and add it to the site (and our Instagram).

We hope you find a cocktail or two you like, work to perfect, review and send us a picture of yours! If it tastes and looks good, we might use your cocktail picture on that drinks recipe page!


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