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Drink Recipe Categories

Beer and Ale
          110 in the shade
          1964 Car Bomb
          Absolute Chainsaw
          Acapulco Twister
          Beer Breezer
          Bill Murray and The Ghostbusters
          Black & Tan
          Black and Brown
          Black Fog
          Bloody Tory
          Brass Funky
          Brass Skunky
          Burning Bud
          Campari Beer
          Caribbean Boilermaker
          Cherry Corona
          Cloudy Day
          Creme de Spooge
          Evil Corona
          Flaming Jager
          Get Jenny
          Ghetto Hell
          Grand Gold Margarita
          Green Goblin
          Green Weenie
          Guinness Float
          Guinness Punch
          Guinness Shandy
          Half & Half
          Irish Russian
          Jagerbeer Bomb
          Juicy Guiness Premier
          Lager & Lime
          Limona Corona
          Lunch Box
          Mexican Hillbilly
          Mexican Iced Tea
          Mexican Sunset
          Michelada Regular
          Miner's Lung
          Paddy's Caffeine
          Purple Nasty
          Slim Shady
          Snake Bite (UK)
          Snake Bite Black (UK)
          Snake Venom
          Snakebite and Black
          Snakebite Jack
          Stiff Pounder
          Submarine (Mexican)
          Suburban Warhead
          The Green Monster
          The Twister
          Tijuana Carbomb
          Trojan Horse
          .50 Caliber
          1 o'clock Sunrise
          10 Deep
          100 Miles per Hour
          151 Reasons
          155 Belmont
          17 Twist
          1800 Agave Nectar Squeeze
          1800 Cosmolito
          1800 Manzana Cider
          1800 Mint Lemonade
          1800 Passion
          1800 Pear Margarita
          1800 Pink Grapefruit Margarita
          1800 Pomegranate Breeze
          1800 Pomerania
          1800 Silver Dog
          187 Cocktail
          187 URge
          2 Step
          2000 Flushes
          209 East Cocktail
          3 Fingers of Ron Burgundy
          3 for a Dollar Special
          360 degress
          3rd Street Promanade
          3rd Wheel
          4 Godfathers
          414SS Daiquiri
          42 Flying Mules
          57 Chevy
          '57 Chevy
          57 Chevy with a White License Plate
          57 T Bird with Hawaiian License Plates
          5th Avenue
          6 Wise Men
          61 Imperial
          7 Coconuts
          7 Nut
          7 on 7
          73 Bus
          78 Camaro
          8 Ounce Twista
          80's Berry Wine Cooler
          80's Orange Wine Cooler
          80's Peach Wine Cooler
          80's Wine Cooler
          81 Camaro
          9 1/2 Weeks
          915 Special
          A Big Pink Dink
          A Bitter Canadian
          A Bomb
          A Brain Teaser
          A Captain's Paradise
          A Clockwork Tangerine
          A Crow Left of the Murder
          A Curious Feeling
          A Few Of My Favorite Things
          A Fuzzy Thing
          A Gilligan's Island
          A Goodnight Kiss
          A Kiss Goodnight
          A Kissed Buttery Nipple
          A Lark's Tropical Heaven
          A Little Dick'll Do
          A Midsummernight's Dream
          A Monkey's Rum Martini
          A Nap at Charlie's
          A Night At Naughty Nikki's
          A Night In Georgia
          A Pimp Named Slickback
          A Popular Guy
          A Rang A Tang
          A Roa
          A Royal Sprite
          A Saturday Afternoon
          A Short Trip To Hell
          A Smile
          A Stanley Road Sunset
          A Towns Finest
          A Tropical Dream
          A True Amaretto Sour
          A Very Berry Surprise
          A Walk on the Moon
          A. F. Tini
          A.D.M. (After Dinner Mint)
          A1 Cocktail
          Abbi's Tropical Delight
          Abbot's Dream
          ABC Pousse Cafe
          Aberdeen Angus
          Abe's Tropical Night in Hell
          Abrupt Realization
          Absent Friend
          Absinth Sour
          Absinthe Cocktail
          Absinthe Drip
          Absinthe Margarita
          Absinthe Martini
          Absinthe Minded Martini
          Absinthe Olde style
          Absinthe Paralysis
          Absinthe Suissesse
          Absolut Blue Lemonade
          Absolut Can Dew
          Absolut Citron Limonata
          Absolut Dream
          Absolut Fear
          Absolut Headshot
          Absolut Hulk
          Absolut Hunk
          Absolut Juice Pear and Elderflower Spritz
          Absolut Manx Whore
          Absolut Mixer
          Absolut Motherpucker
          Absolut Redhead
          Absolut Reese's
          Absolut Salty Dog
          Absolut Santo
          Absolut Splash
          Absolut Stress
          Absolut Summertime
          Absolut Sunrise
          Absolut Trouble
          Absolut Zero
          Absolute Monster
          Absolute southern Dr. Pepper
          Absolute Vacation
          Absolutely Bananas
          Absolutely Heaven
          Absolutely Jak'd
          Absolutly Screwed Up
          AC Lime
          Acapulco Clam Digger
          Acapulco Dream Cream
          Acapulcos malibu
          Ace Ventura
          Acid Trip
          Acid Water
          Adam and Eve
          Adam's Apple
          ADAM'S BLUES
          Addison Special
          Adelaide MOJO
          Adios Mother
          Admiral Cocktail
          Adrian's Special Rum
          Adrienne's Dream
          Adult Hot Chocolate
          Afghan Monkey
          Afghanistany Whore
          African Breeze
          After Dinner Mint
          After Glo
          After Work Special
          Afterparty Dregs
          Afterwhile Crocodile
          Agave Suave
          Agent Provocateur
          Agincourt Cocktail
          Agua de Valencia
          Air Gunner
          Aj Summer Drink
          AK07 Ice Tea
          Alabama Afterburner
          Alabama Fizz
          Alabama Slamer Almelund Style
          Aladdin Sane
          Alaine Cocktail
          Alaskan Apple
          Alaskan Iced Tea
          Alaskan Midnight Sun
          Alaskan Oil Slick
          Alaskan Oil Spill
          Alaskan Orange
          Alaskan Polar Bear
          Alaskan Thunder
          Alawai Canal
          Albemarle Fizz
          Albert 2000
          Alberto's Magic Elixir
          Albino Russian
          Albus Dumbledore
          Alco Choco Milkshake
          Alcoholic Icy Pole
          Alcoholic Sherbert Delight
          Alex Chi Chi
          Alexander (Original)
          Alexander Baby
          Alexander Cocktail
          Alexander The Great
          Alexander Young
          Alexi's Spicy Bloody Mary
          Alfonso Special
          Algonquin Bar Punch
          Algonquin Bloody Mary
          Alhambra Royale
          Alhoa Bubbly
          Alien Booger
          Alien Fish Bowl
          Alien Sludge
          Alien Urine
          Alize and Hpno
          Alize Bleu Bling Martini
          Alize Cocktail
          Alize Emerald
          All Killer with No Filler
          All Plucked Up
          All Puckered Out
          All White Frappe
          Allen Cocktail
          Allen Oakdale
          Allied Requirements
          Alligator Bait
          Allison's Purple Nurple
          Almond Amaretto Float
          Almond Casa Noble
          Almond Cocktail
          Almond Fog
          Almond Grove
          Almond Hot Chocolate
          Almond Joy Dark
          Almond Soda
          Aloha Paradise
          Aloha Screwdriver
          Alrighty Then!
          Alto Parlarle
          Amade Surprise
          Amalfi Dream
          Amaretto 151
          Amaretto Alexander
          Amaretto Cherry Sour
          Amaretto Chi City
          Amaretto Coffee
          Amaretto Cola
          Amaretto Colada
          Amaretto Cruise
          Amaretto Frappe
          Amaretto Freeze
          Amaretto Heartwarmer
          Amaretto Jack
          Amaretto Kirsch
          Amaretto Paradise
          Amaretto Seduction
          Amaretto Sombrero
          Amaretto Spritzer
          Amaretto Stone Sweet (Alcohol Optional)
          Amarula Colada
          Amavel on the Rocks
          Amazon Street Lemonade
          Ambassador's Punch
          Amber Amour
          Amber Dream
          Amber Haze
          Amber's Revenge
          Ambrosia Martini
          Amer Picon Punch
          American Flag Pousse Cafe
          American Flyer
          American Glory
          American Grog
          American Leroy
          American Rose
          American Woman
          Americano Highball
          Amerman's Specialty
          Amethyst Mist
          Amor de Cosmos
          Amore Ade
          Amy's Risky Passion
          Anal Sex
          Anatole Coffee
          Anchors Away
          Anchors Aweigh
          Andalusian Smile
          Andes Candies
          Andes Ratt
          Andrej's Blue
          Andy's Drink
          Andy's Ivory
          Andy's Manhatten
          Anejo Highball
          Angel Delight
          Angel Highball
          Angela The Bartender's Hooters
          Angela's Cantaloupe Martini
          Angel's Delight
          Angel's Fall
          Angel's Lips
          Angel's Tip
          Angel's Treat
          Angry Irishman
          Angry Pirate
          Anime Freak
          Anisette Cocktail
          Anjan's harem
          Ann Sheridan Cocktail
          Annabele Special
          Annabelle Special
          Anna's Banana
          Anna's Tropical Getaway
          Anna's Wish
          Annexation Of Puerto Rico
          Ante Meridiem
          Antoine's Lullaby
          Antoines Tarred Image
          Anton's Ecto Cooler
          Anus Butter
          Anyie on the Beach
          Apeach Martini
          Aperol '86
          Aperol Schuhmann
          Aperol Sour
          Apertif d'Absinthe
          Aphrodite's Love Potion
          Apollo 1
          Apollo 13
          Appian Way
          Apple 151
          Apple a la Mode
          Apple Batorade
          Apple Bee
          Apple Blow
          Apple Booker
          Apple Brandy Cocktail
          Apple Brandy Cooler
          Apple Brandy Rickey
          Apple Buck
          Apple Car
          Apple Cart
          Apple Cider Surprise
          Apple Cinnamon Turnover
          Apple Coconut Sour
          Apple Comfort
          Apple Core
          Apple Daiquiri
          Apple Dew
          Apple Dubonnet
          Apple Eden
          Apple Fairy
          Apple Fizz
          Apple Granny Crisp
          Apple Jack
          Apple Jack (Original)
          Apple Jim
          Apple Judy
          Apple Kiss
          Apple Knocker
          Apple Manhattan
          Apple Martini
          Apple Martini (version 2)
          Apple Mash
          Apple Mojito
          Apple Pie Cocktail
          Apple Pie Margarita
          Apple Pie Martini
          Apple Pie Punch
          Apple River
          Apple Rouge
          Apple Rum Cooler
          Apple Sauce
          Apple Scotch
          Apple Screw
          Apple Sharlotka
          Apple Slut
          Apple Soda
          Apple Sunrise
          Apple Swizzle
          Apple Toddy
          Applebee's Mango Martini
          Applebottom Pimp
          Applejack Cocktail
          Applejack Collins
          Applejack Daisy
          Applejack Highball
          Applejack Manhattan
          Applejack Rum Rickey
          Applejack Sour
          Apples and Oranges Martini
          Appleton Skyy Soda
          Appleton's Spiced Ice Tea
          Applicious Quencher
          Apres Ski
          Apricot Babe
          Apricot Brandy Rickey
          Apricot Brandy Sour
          Apricot Breeze
          Apricot Collins
          Apricot Cooler
          Apricot Crowfoot
          Apricot Crush
          Apricot Fizz
          Apricot Jack
          Apricot Kiss
          Apricot Mango Martini
          Apricot Martini
          Apricot Sour
          Apricot Tree
          Apricots And Cream
          ApriJim Nectar
          ApriJose Nectar
          April Apple
          April Rain
          April Shower
          April's Summertime Punch
          April's Violet
          Aqua Marina
          Arawak Cup
          Arawak Punch
          Arcadian Lovemaker
          Arch de Triumph
          Arctic Circle
          Arctic Kiss
          Arctic Orange
          Arctic Red
          Arctic Summer
          Arcturian Sunrise
          Are You Tough Enough?
          Argentine Style Bellini
          Ariane Special
          Arielle's F@$k 'n Run
          Arizona Aztec
          Arizona Buttkicker
          Arizona Jim
          Arizona Stingers
          Arizona Sunrise
          Arizona Twister
          Arkansas Avalanche
          Armada Martini
          Armored Car
          Armour Cocktail
          Army Ranger
          Army special
          Arnie's Cocktail
          Around The World
          Arthur's Day Dream
          Artic Red
          Artists' Special
          Aruba Cocktail
          Aruba Rum Punch
          Aruba Smash
          Asbury Park
          Ash Blonde
          Ashy Larry
          Asian Cum Shot
          Asian Fetish
          Asian Hooker
          Asian Pear Martini
          Asian Sensation
          Ass Candy
          Asterix Cocktail
          Astral Gateway
          Astral Trip
          Astrids Adoration
          ASU Girls
          Atheist's Best
          Atlanta Brave
          Atlantic Breeze
          Atomic Cherries
          Atomic Green
          Atomic Orange Cream
          Atomic Watermelon
          Audrey's Russian
          August Moon
          Aunt Agatha
          Aunt Carrie's Snakebite
          Aunt Jemima
          Aunt Roberta
          Aurum Cocktail
          Aussie Beach Blond
          Aussie Mozzie
          Aussie Riviter
          Australian Virgin
          Austrian Hussar
          Authentic Pina Colada
          Autumn In New York
          Autumn Thunder
          Autumnal Equinox
          Avocado Daiquiri
          Avril Cocktail
          Awesome Chandler
          Axelrod's Sweet Concoction
          Aztec Gold
          Aztec Surfboard
          B & B Stinger
          B & P
          B 2
          B 28
          B 69
          B&B Collins
          B.B. Bomb
          B2 C2
          Ba dew si
          Baby Aspirine of Humbolt
          Baby Becher
          Baby Doll
          Baby Fingers Cocktail
          Baby Fioula
          Baby Jane
          Baby V.O.X.
          Babyface Martini
          Babymama Drama
          Baby's Bottom
          Bacardi ade
          Bacardi Big Skeet
          Bacardi Buck
          Bacardi Daug
          Bacardi Geezer
          Bacardi Hurricane
          Bacardi Lime Cocktail
          Bacardi Limon and Pepsi
          Bacardi Martini
          Bacardi O Creamsicle
          Bacardi O Tini
          Bacardi Orange
          Bacardi Pina Colada
          Bacardi Pink
          Bacardi Refresher
          Bacardi Remix
          Bacardi Rootbeer Float
          Bacardi Smoothie
          Bacardi Special
          Bacardi Tu Tu Cherry
          Bacardi Vanilla Coke
          Bacardi Volcano
          Bacardi Yeah Martini Cocktail
          Bacchanalian Cocktail
          Bacci Ball
          Bachelor's Bait
          Back Burner
          Back In Black
          Back Packer
          Back Row Cocktail
          Back Seater
          Back Stage Pass
          Back Street Banger
          Backseat Boogie
          Backyard Dawg
          Bacon and Tomato Sandwich
          Bad Acid Trip
          Bad Ass Amaretto
          Bad Attitude
          Bad Headgasket
          Bad Mother F**ker
          Bad News Bear
          Bahama Blue
          Bahama Breeze
          Bahama Mama NC
          Bahama Mama Poma
          Bahamas Bacardi
          Bahamas Highball
          Bahamian Goombay Smash
          Bahia Breeze
          Bahia Cooler
          Bailey Bu
          Bailey Martini
          Bailey's and Amaretto
          Bailey's Banana Colada
          Bailey's Banana Vanilla Thrilla
          Baileys Blizzard
          Bailey's Comet
          Bailey's Comet #1
          Bailey's Float
          Bailey's Meets Cadburys
          Bailey's Shake
          Bailey's White Russian
          Baja Side Car
          Bajian Blu Waters
          Balanchine's Belle
          Balboa Cocktail
          Bald Estonian
          Bald Taco
          Baldini Blues
          Bali Dream
          Bali Hai
          Bali Punch
          Ball Bag
          Ball Banger
          Ball Or Head
          Ball Peen Hammer
          Ballchain Blaster
          Ballet Russe Cocktail
          Ballistic Banana
          Balls of Fire
          Ballylickey Bait
          Balm Cocktail
          Balmore Pucker
          Bamboo Cocktail
          Bamm Passion
          Banana Banshee
          Banana Barbados
          Banana Berry
          Banana Berry Felch
          Banana Bird
          Banana Bliss
          Banana Bracer
          Banana Caipirinha
          Banana Cognac
          Banana Colada
          Banana Cookie
          Banana Crantini
          Banana Cream
          Banana Creame
          Banana Di Amore
          Banana Dream
          Banana Foster
          Banana Foster Martini
          Banana Hammock
          Banana Hurricane
          Banana Italiano
          Banana Jacuzzi Shake
          Banana Lifesaver
          Banana Mama
          Banana Margarita
          Banana Milkshake
          Banana Moo
          Banana Nut
          Banana Nut Bread
          Banana Nutbread
          Banana Pete
          Banana Popsicle
          Banana Punch
          Banana Rama
          Banana Republic
          Banana Rocket
          Banana Rum Frappe
          Banana Russian
          Banana Sandwich
          Banana Slide
          Banana Slip
          Banana Slushee
          Banana Snowman
          Banana Split
          Banana Split Martini
          Banana Sunrise
          Banana Tree
          Banana Twist
          Bananas Foster
          Banff Cocktail
          Bang a Graftonite
          Bangin' Margarita
          Bangin' Your Wife's Girlfriend
          Banging On The Hardwood Floor
          Bangkok Bomb
          Bangkok Monkeyshocker
          Banilla Splash
          Bankers Doom
          Banoffee Milkshake
          Bar Bandit
          Bar Slut
          Barbados Cocktail
          Barbados Fondue
          Barbados Planter's Punch
          Barbados Punch
          Barbed Wire
          Barcardi Volcano
          Barcelona Fizz
          Bare Cheeks
          Barefoot And Pregnant
          Barkeep Special
          Barking Spider
          Barn Door
          Barnaby's Buffalo Blizzard
          Barney Fizz
          Barney Obliterator
          Barney on Acid Highball
          Barqs & Brandy
          Barracks Bash
          Barracuda Bite
          Barrow Blues
          Bartender In A Cup
          Bartender's Cream Soda
          Bartender's Rootbeer
          Baseball Pleasure
          Basin Street
          Bat Beast
          Bat Bite
          Bat Chain Puller
          Batida Abaci
          Batida de Banana
          Batida de Brazil
          Batida de Carneval
          Batida de Maracuja
          Batida de Pina
          Batidas Frozen
          Battering Ram
          Battery Skydiver
          Battle of Endor
          Bavarian Alps
          BaWanna Tom
          Bawls On Your Forehead
          Bay Blue
          Bay Breeze
          Bay Horse
          Bay Spritzer
          Bayard Fizz
          Bayou Self
          Bazooka Bomber
          Bazooka Bull
          BBC Cocktail
          BC Snowball
          Be Sweet
          Beach Bum Bob
          Beach Bum Shake
          Beach Bum's Cooler
          Beach Cooler
          Beach Cruiser
          Beach Haus
          Beach Peach
          Beach Sunday
          Beach Water
          Beachcomber's Gold
          Beady Little Eyes
          Beam and 7
          Beam Black Bourbon
          Beam 'n Squirt
          Beansy's Battleground
          Bear Juice
          Beard Love
          Bearded Clam
          Beatle Juice
          Beau's Rum and Coke
          Beautiful Day
          Beautiful Disaster
          Beautiful Fungus
          Beautiful Lady
          Beautiful Mila
          Beautiful One
          Beautiful Side Ride
          Beauty On The Beach
          Beaver Rub
          Beaver Shot
          Beck's Butter Beer
          Becky's Bomber
          Becky's Nectar
          Bed Spinner
          Bedroom Farce
          Bee Stung Lips
          Beef Curtains
          Beef On Rye
          Beef Salad
          BeeGee OJ
          Beer Margaritas
          Beer Rose
          Beerbon Sour
          Bee's Kiss
          Bee's Knees
          Beetle Juice
          Beezer Punch
          Behind Enemy Razz
          Beige Blindfold
          Beige Russian
          Beijing Mix
          Being Bobby Brown
          Belfast Carbomb
          Belgian Berry
          Belinda's Fuzzy Melon
          Belize Rum Punch
          Bellamy Scotch Sour
          Bellatrix Ball
          Belle of Ellis Island
          Bellini Cocktail
          Bellini Martini
          Belmont Stakes
          Bend Over Shirley
          Benedictine Cocktail
          Bengal Tiger
          Benka on the Rocks
          Bennet Cocktail
          Bent Bum
          Bent Nail
          Berlin martini
          Bermuda Bloom
          Bermuda Bouquet
          Bermuda Cocktail
          Bermuda Mai Tai
          Bermuda Rum Swizzle
          Bermuda Triangle
          Berries 'n Cream
          Berry Bananza
          Berry Blaster
          Berry Bluenana
          Berry Bomb
          Berry Breeze
          Berry Buster
          Berry Chocolate Martini
          Berry Cobbler
          Berry Cool
          Berry Fusion Martini
          Berry Rum Rickey
          Berryessa Blast
          Berta's Special
          Bertrand's Black Magic
          Best Year
          Betsie Temple
          Better Than Sex
          Betty Paige
          Between The Cheeks
          BFD (Bad F****** Drink)
          Big Apple And Sprite
          Big Apple Cinnatini
          Big Apple Margarita
          Big Bad Voodoo Kooler
          Big Bear
          Big Bird
          Big Blue Sky
          Big Chill #1
          Big Comfy Couch
          Big Cran Apple
          Big Daddy Woo Woo
          Big Daddy's Crystal Meth
          Big Dipper
          Big Dog
          Big Easy
          Big Easy Martini
          Big Game Punch
          Big Hicky
          Big Hug
          Big Johnson
          Big Red Cocktail
          Big Skyy
          Big Squeeze
          Big Stick
          Big Titty Ho on a Motorcycle
          Big Toe
          Big Zacs Morning After
          Bigger better Blue Lagoon
          Bikini Bottom
          Bikini Cocktail
          Bikini Martini
          Bikini Wax
          Bilge Water
          Bill Clinton Politically Erect
          Bill Clinton Zipper Dropper
          Bill Leaves Town
          Billy Bishop
          Billy Hamilton
          Birch Beam
          Bird Bath
          Bird Bomb
          Bird of Paradise
          Bird of Paradise Cooler
          Bird of Paradise Fizz
          Birdman's Delight
          Birger Jarl
          Birky's Bubblegum
          Birth Control
          Biscayne Cocktail
          Bishop Cocktail
          Bison Tonic
          Bit of Russian Honey
          Bitch Ass
          Bitch Slammer
          Bitch Slap
          Bitchin Baileys
          Bitchin Orange
          Bite Me
          Bite Your Mama Bloody Mary
          Bitter Apples
          Bitter Beach
          Bitter Bikini
          Bitter Bison
          Bitter Christina
          Bitter Cleet
          Bitter End
          Bitter Evan
          Bitter Hitter
          Bitter lime
          Bitter Sweet
          Bitters Highball
          Bittersweet Cocktail
          Bittersweet Jack
          Bittersweet Symphony
          Bizonkadonk Martini
          Black Anaconda
          Black and Blue Buck
          Black and Fall
          Black and White
          Black and White Cherry
          Black and White Martini
          Black Banana
          Black Berry Chocolate
          Black Bison
          Black Blood
          Black Bottom
          Black Bull
          Black Butterfly
          Black Cactus
          Black Cat
          Black Cherry Caipirinha
          Black Cherry Coke
          Black Cherry Fizz Bomb
          Black Cherry Kool Aid
          Black Cherry Margarita
          Black Christmas
          Black Dahlia
          Black Day In Alabama
          Black Death Wish
          Black Dog
          Black Dublinski
          Black Eye
          Black Feather
          Black Ferrari
          Black Flag
          Black Forest
          Black Gin
          Black Haus Chimney
          Black Haus Twist
          Black Hole
          Black Ice
          Black Irish
          Black Jew
          Black Lady
          Black Lemon
          Black Licorice
          Black Magick
          Black Majic
          Black Manhattan
          Black Marble
          Black Margarita
          Black Martini
          Black Metal
          Black Mozart Sparkler
          Black Murder
          Black Napkin
          Black Nazi
          Black Opal
          Black Orchid Shooter
          Black Pearls
          Black Polack
          Black River
          Black Rose
          Black Rose Bacardi
          Black Santa
          Black Sea Urchin
          Black Stripe
          Black Stuff
          Black Temple
          Black Tequila
          Black Tie
          Black Ukrainian
          Black Watch
          Black Widow
          Black Witch
          Black Zaffa
          Blackbeard's Ghost
          Blackberry 7
          Blackberry Cola
          Blackberry Fizz
          Blackberry Julep
          Blackberry Lemon Drop Martini
          Blackberry Martini
          Blackberry Punch
          Blackberry Smoothie
          Blackberry Tequila
          Blackdriver Haus
          Blackpool Tower
          Blacktooth Grin
          Blame It On Rio
          Blavod Martini
          Blaze of Glory
          Bleeding Apple
          Bleeding Heart
          Bleeding Nazi
          Bleeding Snatch
          Bleeding Weasel
          Blended Comfort
          Blended Heaven
          Blessed Event
          Bleu Balls
          Blind Bat
          Blind Melon
          Blinker Cocktail
          Bloat Mary
          Block and Fall
          Blonde Jenny
          Blonde Moment
          Blonde on Ice
          Blonde Ron
          Blonde Titty Beer
          Blood and Sand Cocktail
          Blood Fetish
          Blood Mary Extra Hairy
          Blood Orange Blast
          Blood Orange Cosmo
          Blood Orange Margarita
          Blood Orange Martini
          Bloodthirsty Pirate
          Bloody Beer
          Bloody Brit
          Bloody Butrum
          Bloody Cherry
          Bloody Coochie
          Bloody Demon From Hell
          Bloody Dragon
          Bloody Fairy
          Bloody Hurricane
          Bloody Jack
          Bloody Jager
          Bloody Jim
          Bloody Leech
          Bloody Lip
          Bloody Margarita
          Bloody Mariana
          Bloody Maru
          Bloody Mary Intoxicating Veget...
          Bloody Matador
          Bloody Monkey
          Bloody Morning
          Bloody Murder
          Bloody Navel
          Bloody Navel Screw
          Bloody Nightmare
          Bloody Passion
          Bloody Pearl Harbor
          Bloody Pepper
          Bloody Piss
          Bloody Rain
          Bloody Screwdriver
          Bloody Sharkbite
          Bloody Smurf Jizz
          Bloody Tampon
          Bloody Urine
          Bloody Viking
          Bloomer Dropper
          Blow My Skull Off (Almost)
          Blue Alexander
          Blue and Gold
          Blue Angel
          Blue Bacardi Breeze
          Blue Balalaika
          Blue Ball
          Blue Balled Frog
          Blue Bastard
          Blue Bayou
          Blue Bermuda
          Blue Bike
          Blue Bird
          Blue Blarney
          Blue Bohemian
          Blue Bomb
          Blue Bombsicle
          Blue Bong
          Blue Brain Trasher
          Blue Brew
          Blue Bruiser Cocktail
          Blue Bucky
          Blue Bull
          Blue Canary
          Blue Candy Death
          Blue Carnation
          Blue Champagne
          Blue Chili
          Blue Christina
          Blue Cloud Cocktail
          Blue Coconut
          Blue Colada
          Blue Cosmopolitan
          Blue Crayons
          Blue Denim
          Blue Devil
          Blue Diablo
          Blue Dog
          Blue Dolphin
          Blue Dong
          Blue Downy
          Blue Dragon
          Blue Dragonfly
          Blue Dream
          Blue Ed
          Blue Edisonian
          Blue Eyed Bitch
          Blue Fire
          Blue Fizz
          Blue Fox Trot
          Blue Frog
          Blue Glory
          Blue Goose
          Blue Grapes
          Blue Grass Cocktail
          Blue Green
          Blue Hawaii
          Blue Hawaiian Screw
          Blue Heaven Bliss
          Blue Helena
          Blue Horizon
          Blue Hotty
          Blue Ice
          Blue Ice Kool Aid
          Blue iguana
          Blue in the Face
          Blue Incan
          Blue Insanity
          Blue Jacket
          Blue Jeans
          Blue Jeep Island
          Blue Juice
          Blue Kamikaze
          Blue Knickers
          Blue Lady
          Blue Lagoon Margarita
          Blue Latvian
          Blue Lesbian
          Blue Light Special
          Blue Lightning
          Blue London Sidecar
          Blue Long Island
          Blue Marlin
          Blue Memphis
          Blue Midnight
          Blue Milk
          Blue Monday
          Blue Moon Martini
          Blue Mother
          Blue Mother F**ker
          Blue Motorcycle
          Blue Mouth
          Blue Neptune
          Blue Ninja
          Blue Nuke
          Blue on Blue Martini
          Blue Parrot
          Blue Passion
          Blue Pixie Stick
          Blue Plaid
          Blue Pucker Bomb
          Blue Punch
          Blue Riband
          Blue Richie
          Blue Rita
          Blue Rox's Martini
          Blue Ruby
          Blue Russian
          Blue Russian Kiss
          Blue Sapphire
          Blue Screw
          Blue Sea Martini
          Blue Sex
          Blue Shark
          Blue Shizzle
          Blue Sky
          Blue Skyy
          Blue Solute
          Blue Squid
          Blue Star
          Blue Sunset
          Blue Tap
          Blue Tartan
          Blue Temptation
          Blue Train
          Blue Trane
          Blue Velvet
          Blue Velvet Martini
          Blue Volcano
          Blue Watch
          Blue Whip
          Blue Zero
          Blueberry Daiquiri
          Blueberry Freeze
          Blueberry Lemonade
          Blueberry Martini
          Blueberry Pie Martini
          Blueberry Popsicle
          Blueberry Rumba
          Bluecheese Martini
          Blues Night
          Bluesberry Cooler
          Bluetail Fly
          Blunt Ash
          Blushin' Russian
          Blushing Barmaid
          Blushing Bride
          Blushing Geisha
          Blushing Margarita
          Boardwalk Breeze
          Boat drink
          Bob Abbotts Sunshine
          Bob Cocktail
          Bob Dandy
          Bobby Bare
          Bobby Sherman
          Bobby's Way
          Boca Chica
          Bocci Ball
          Boccie Ball
          Boccie Bounce
          Body Maid
          Bohannon on the Rocks
          Bohemian Martini
          Bohus Jude
          Boina Roja
          Bold Gold Monkey
          Bolli Stoli
          Bolo Cocktail
          Bolshoi Punch
          Bomb Cocktail
          Bomb Pop
          Bombay Bellini
          Bombay Cosmo
          Bombay Safari
          Bombay Sling
          Bon Bini
          Bon Voyage
          Bonaparte Velvet
          Bondages' No Problem
          Bone Crusher
          Bong Water
          Bongo Cola
          Bongo's Turkish Delight
          Bonnie's Black Jack
          Bonny Doon
          Bonny Prince
          Boo Hoo
          Boobies In Manhattan
          Booga Booga
          Booger's Booze
          Bookmaker's Luck
          Boom Shaka Laka
          Boomerang Martini
          Booster Blaster
          Boot Hill
          Booty Call 101
          Booty Clap
          Booty Clappin' Angel
          Booty Drink
          Boozy Juice
          Border Crosser
          Border Patrol
          Boredom Kills
          Born on the 4th of July
          Borrowed Time
          Bo's Space Roo
          Bosco 42DD
          Bossa Nova
          Boston Cooler
          Boston Cream Pie
          Boston Freeze
          Boston Gold
          Boston Iced Coffee
          Boston Manpleaser
          Boston Tea Hardy
          Boston Tea Party
          Boston's Green Monster Mc
          Boswellian Booster
          Bot Cocktail
          Bottom Bouncer
          Bottom Line
          Bottom of the Barrel
          Bounty Bar Margarita
          Bourbon a la Creme
          Bourbon a la Kris
          Bourbon and sprite
          Bourbon and Water
          Bourbon Cobbler
          Bourbon Collins
          Bourbon Cream
          Bourbon Crusta
          Bourbon Float
          Bourbon Old Fashioned
          Bourbon Sangaree
          Bourbon Satin
          Bourbon Sidecar
          Bourbon Sloe Gin Fizz
          Bourbon Smash
          Bourbon Stone Sour
          Bourbon Supremo
          Bourbon Toddy
          Bourbon Triple Sour
          Bowl Hugger
          Boyd of the Loch
          Boye Sparkle
          Brady Brew
          Brahma Bull
          Brain Blaster
          Brain Blender
          Brain Candy
          Brain Cocktail
          Brain Matter
          Brain Pain Killer
          Brandied Apricot
          Brandied Apricot Frappe
          Brandied Ginger
          Brandied Peaches 'n' Cream
          Brandied Port
          Branding Iron
          Brandon's Zomtaicane
          Brandy Alexandra
          Brandy Benedictine Cream
          Brandy Buca
          Brandy Buck
          Brandy Cassis
          Brandy Champarelle
          Brandy Classic
          Brandy Crusta
          Brandy Eggnog
          Brandy Fino
          Brandy Gump
          Brandy Ice
          Brandy Jack
          Brandy Julep
          Brandy Melba
          Brandy Mexi
          Brandy O
          Brandy Old Fashioned
          Brandy Plush
          Brandy Puff
          Brandy Punch Cocktail
          Brandy Rainbow
          Brandy Rickey
          Brandy Scaffa
          Brandy Slapper
          Brandy Snap Cream
          Brandy Soda
          Brandy Squirt
          Brandy Stinger
          Brandy Water Press
          Brasier d'Ange
          Brass Fiddle
          Brassy Blond
          bravo alban mango daiquiri
          Brazen Hussy
          Brazilian Bitch
          Brazilian Breeze
          Brazilian Daiquiri
          Brazilian Mango
          Brazilian Monk
          Brazillian Sunrise
          Brazy's Pink Lemonade
          Breakfast Eggnog
          Breakfast Martini
          Breakfast Rum
          Breakfast Screwdriver
          Breast Caresser
          Breast Milk On Acid
          Breath of God
          Breath Taker
          Breda Blackout
          Breeze of Saronno
          Brevann Springwater
          Brian Auel
          Brian Fabulous
          Bridesmaid Cooler
          Brief Encounter
          Brighton Punch
          Brigitte Bardot
          Bring the Pain
          Brisky Jim
          British Bulldog
          British Comfort
          British Snakebite
          Brittany Cocktail
          Brittle Fracture
          Broadway Martini
          Broken Heart Martini
          Broken Heart Zombie Mai Tai
          Broken Leg
          Broken Nose
          Broker's Thought
          Bronx Cheer
          Bronx Cocktail
          Bronx Martini
          Bronze Dragon
          Bronze Monkey
          Brooklyn Hippie
          Brown and Beige
          Brown Bear
          Brown Betty Punch
          Brown cow
          Brown Derby
          Brown Elephant
          Brown eye
          Brown Eye Opener
          Brown Fox
          Brown Hen
          Brown Town Busta
          Bruce Doucet
          Bruja Cubana
          Bruja Mexicana
          Bruno's Cinnamon Blast
          B's Creamy Gift
          B's Tropical Fix
          B's Tropical Rum
          Bubba Collins
          Bubble Comfort
          Bubble Cream Martini
          Bubblegum Delight
          Bubblegum Shaker
          Bubblegum Sundae
          Bubblin' Dublin
          Bubbly Boccie Ball
          Bubbly Butt Pirate
          Bubbly Martini
          Bubbly Poinsettia
          Bubbly Red Sex
          Buckeye Martini
          Buckhead Root Beer
          Buck's Fizz
          Buck's Peter
          Bud Herrmann Brandy
          Buddha's Banshee
          Buddha's Hand
          Buddy Rich
          Buddy's Bloody Mary
          Buenos Noches
          Buffalo Tea
          Buffalo's Milk
          Bukhara Coffee
          Bulge in my Pants
          Bull and Bear
          Bull Driver
          Bull Jacks
          Bull Martini
          Bull Rush
          Bull Shot
          Bull Stuff
          Bulldog Cooler
          Bulldog's Viagra
          Bullet to the Head
          Bull's Blood
          Bulls Eye
          Bull's Special
          Bumpy Grapefruit
          Bunky Punch
          Bunny Bonzana
          Bunny F@$ker
          Burberry Bulldog
          Burgundy Bubbler
          Buried Treasure
          Burning Demon Piss
          Burning Pine Needles
          Burning Sun
          Burning Sunset
          Burn's Night Special
          Burnt Almond
          Burnt Martini
          Burnt Sienna
          Burnt Toasted Almond
          Burt Reynolds
          Bury Me Deep
          Bust Your Black Nut
          Busted Nut
          Buster Cherry
          Butch Beer
          Butch's Pink Panties
          Butt Naked
          Butter Baby
          Butter Chocolate Bliss
          Butter Cookie
          Butter Milk
          Butter Pecan
          Butter Ripple Fantasy
          Buttercream Tea
          Buttered Brandy
          Buttered Pancakes
          Butterflies Cocktail
          Buttermint Delight
          Butterscotch Bawls
          Butterscotch Collins
          Butterscotch Dream
          Butterscotch Eggnog
          Butterscotch Ice Cream
          Butterscotch Kiss
          Butterscotch Martini
          Butterscotch Milk Punch
          Butterscotch Mudslide Shake
          Butterscotch Truffle Martini
          Buttery Nutty Squirrel
          Buttery Russian
          Buttery So Co
          Buttock Clencher
          Buzz Bomb
          Buzz Lightyear
          Bye Bye Bahamas
          Byrrh Cassis
          Byrrh Cocktail
          Byrrh Special
          C & M
          C.R. Sun Tan Lotion
          CA area 151
          Ca Boom
          Cabana Club
          Cabaret Martini
          Cabernet Cobbler
          Cabin Fever
          Cable Car
          Cable Guide
          Cabo Beach Party
          Cabo Wabo
          Cactus Bat
          Cactus Club VIP
          Cactus Cola
          Cactus Jack
          Cactus Juice
          Cactus Prick
          Cactus Venom
          Cadillac Margarita
          Caesar Cocktail
          Cafe Amaretto
          Cafe Antrim
          Cafe Au Kirsch
          Cafe Cabana
          Cafe Foster
          Cafe Joy
          Cafe Marnier
          Cafe Martini
          Cafe Mazatlan
          Cafe Paloma
          Cafe Romano
          Cafe Theatre
          Cafe Trinidad
          Cafe Zurich
          Caffeine Attack
          Caffeini Martini
          Caitian Tongue Tickler
          Cajun Bloody Mary
          Cajun Martini
          Cajun Tomato
          Cajun Water
          Cake Mix
          Calgary Flames Martini
          Calie's Creamsoda
          California Barbie
          California Driver
          California Gold Rush
          California Iced Tea
          California Martini
          California Screwdriver
          California Stripper
          Call a Cab
          Call of the Snowfields (Lumike...
          Call of the Snowfields (Lumikenttien Kutsu)
          Calm Monkey
          Calming Draught
          Calvados Cream
          Calypso Baby
          Calypso Cooler
          Calypso Daiquiri
          Camel Piss
          Cameron's Kick
          Camp Grenada
          Camp Lawless
          Campari and Ale
          Campari and Bitter Lemon
          Campari and Soda
          Campari Champagne
          Campari Cocktail
          Campari Martini
          Campari Shakerato
          Campari Soda
          Can Can
          Canada Cocktail
          Canada Dream
          Canada Drink
          Canadian and Campari
          Canadian Apple
          Canadian Black
          Canadian Blackberry
          Canadian Breeze
          Canadian Car Bomb
          Canadian Ceasar
          Canadian Cider
          Canadian Cocoa
          Canadian Cowboy
          Canadian Cowgirl
          Canadian Daisy
          Canadian Diamond
          Canadian Hangover
          Canadian Killer Kool Aid
          Canadian Manhattan
          Canadian Old Fashioned
          Canadian Princess
          Canadian Roley
          Canadian Salad
          Canadian Skittle
          Canadian Splash
          Canadian Sweet Tea
          Canado Saludo
          Canal Street Daisy
          Cancun Ceasar
          Cancun Cocktail
          Cancun Rum Runner
          Candle in the Window
          Candy Apple Martini
          Candy Apple Sour
          Candy Cane Cola
          Candy Cocktail
          Candy Corn Martini
          Candy Fireball
          Candy Rider
          Candy Store
          CandyCane Crimbo
          Cane Toad
          Cannibalized Christian
          Canoe River Special
          Cantaloupe Cup
          Cantaloupe Dizzy
          Canteloupe Dizzy
          Canyon Quake
          Cape Breeze
          Cape Brenton Slide
          Cape Cod
          Cape Cod Cooler
          Cape Cod Islander
          Cape Cod Sour Squishy
          Cape Coral
          Cape Driver
          Cape Grape
          Cape May
          Cape Snow
          Cape Sunrise
          Capetown Coffee
          capital ONE
          Cappy's Grog
          Capri Sun
          Captain Al
          Captain and Coke
          Captain and Taneal
          Captain and Tonic
          Captain Bucci
          Captain Butter Cream
          Captain Cola
          Captain Courageous
          Captain Crisp
          Captain Defender
          Captain Dick
          Captain Guy
          Captain Heron
          Captain Jack Sparrow
          Captain Jake's
          Captain Lovelady
          Captain Mike's Lemonade
          Captain Morgan's a Limey!
          Captain Morgan's Steamy Applec...
          Captain Morgan's Steamy Applecolada Dream
          Captain My Organ
          Captain MyOrgan
          Captain Nemo
          Captain OJ
          Captain Pat's Rapier
          Captain Pepper
          Captain Pepsi
          Captain Plah
          Captain Ron
          Captain Slim
          Captain Vita Coco
          Captain's and Cream
          Captain's Apple
          Captain's Booty
          Captain's Cocktail
          Captain's Code
          Captain's Coffee
          Captain's Colada
          Captain's Cream Soda
          Captain's Elixir
          Captain's First Mate
          Captain's Hook
          Captain's Mast
          Captain's Orange
          Captains Pie
          Captain's Punch
          Captains Saddle
          Captain's Saddle
          Captain's Shadow
          Captain's Son
          Captang Poontag
          Caputo Special
          Car Bomb
          Car Crash
          Car Wreck
          Cara Sposa
          Caramel \J\""
          Caramel Apple Martini
          Caramel Candy Apple
          Caramel Candy Apple Martine
          Caramel Coke
          Caramel Macchiato Martini
          Caramel Martini
          Caramel Mochatini
          Caramel Nut Ice Cream
          Carbonated Cranberry
          Cardinal Rum
          Caribbean Almond
          Caribbean Barefooted
          Caribbean Bulldog
          Caribbean Champagne
          Caribbean Chat
          Caribbean Cooler
          Caribbean Delight
          Caribbean Dream
          Caribbean Fly
          Caribbean Frenzy
          Caribbean Grid Lock
          Caribbean Harvest
          Caribbean Hot Chocolate
          Caribbean Kiss
          Caribbean Madras
          Caribbean Martini
          Caribbean Mist
          Caribbean Murder
          Caribbean Pineapple
          Caribbean Romance
          Caribbean Smoked Torch
          Caribbean Smuggler
          Caribbean Splash
          Caribbean Storm
          Caribbean Threesome
          Caribbean Water
          Caribe Cocktail
          Caribe Cosmopolitan
          Caribou Boogalou
          Caribou Lou
          Caribou Martini
          Caricature Cocktail
          Carl Josef
          Carl Oehl
          Carmel Apple Funtini
          Carmel Apple Spritzer
          Carmen Miranda
          Carmen's Dance
          Carolina Dream
          Carolina Iced Tea
          Carpano Highball
          Carpet Licker
          Carribean Catholic
          Carrie's Midori Sour
          Carrie's Pink Blossom
          Carrot Cake
          Carrot Cake Martini
          Carrot Top Cocktail
          Carry's Caribe
          Cary Grant
          Casa Noble Margarita
          Casco Bay Lemonade
          Cassidy Mist
          Cassis Orange
          Cassis Screwdriver
          Cast Away
          Castillo Coffee
          Castro Cooler
          Cat and Fiddle
          Cat Cocktail
          Catalina Cocktail
          Catalina Margarita
          Category 5
          Cat's Eye
          Cat's Meow
          Cattie Suprise
          Cavanaugh's Special
          Cave In
          Cayman Climax
          CBR 150
          Celeste Sunrise
          Celtic Kick
          Celtic Tapper
          Celtic Twilight
          Cemetary Cider
          Centauri Sundown
          Cerebral Hemorrhage
          Cesar Chavez
          Cesar Ritz
          Chai Toddy
          Chain Lightning
          Chaise Lounge
          Chambord and Champagne
          Chambord and Cognac
          Chambord Colada
          Chambord Daiquiri
          Chambord Frost
          Chambord Kazi
          Chambord Kiss
          Chambord Margarita
          Chambord Martini
          Chambord Royale
          Chambord Sling
          Chambord sour
          Champagne Ambon
          Champagne Bleu
          Champagne Blitz
          Champagne Celebration
          Champagne Charlie
          Champagne Cobbler
          Champagne Cooler
          Champagne Cornucopia
          Champagne Cup
          Champagne de Mars
          Champagne Fizz
          Champagne Flip
          Champagne Gem
          Champagne Hula
          Champagne Irish Mist
          Champagne Julep
          Champagne Lemon
          Champagne Martini
          Champagne Napoleon
          Champagne Passion
          Champagne Polonaise
          Champagne Rum Punch
          Champagne Tropicale
          Champange Rita
          Champbull Vodka
          Champion's Bubblin' Cherry
          Chandos Club
          Channel Island Iced Tea
          Chaos Calmer
          Chaos Cocktail
          Chapel Hill
          Charap Margarita
          Charging Rhino
          Charles Bronson
          Charles's Caribbean
          Charles's Daiquiri
          Charles's Nightcap
          Charleston Cocktail
          Charlie Coke
          Charlie Shaker
          Charlie's Angel
          Charlie's Revenge
          Charm City Classic
          Charro Negro
          Charter Breeze
          Chartreuse Chocolate Kiss
          Chartreuse Cocktail
          Chartreuse Cooler
          Chase Manhattan
          Chatham Cocktail
          Cheap Crunk Juice
          Cheap Date
          Cheap Steve
          Cheap Sunglasses
          Cheat's Pimm's
          Cheeky Vimto
          Cheese Sandwich
          Cheesecake Martini
          Chekhov Cooler
          Chelsea Cocktail
          Chelsea Sidecar
          Cherasberry Rum and Coke
          Cherries from Heaven
          Cherry Amaretto
          Cherry Back
          Cherry Blast
          Cherry Bomb
          Cherry Breeze
          Cherry Champagne
          Cherry Chocolate Freeze
          Cherry Chocolate Milk Royal
          Cherry Chun
          Cherry Cobbler
          Cherry Coke
          Cherry coke from hell
          Cherry Cream Rum
          Cherry Crush
          Cherry Daiquiri
          Cherry F@$ker
          Cherry Fear
          Cherry Flash Cola
          Cherry Fluster
          Cherry Garden
          Cherry Gimlet
          Cherry Gobbler
          Cherry Heaven
          Cherry Hill
          Cherry Hooker
          Cherry Ice Cream
          Cherry Kandi
          Cherry Kick Coke
          Cherry Kiss
          Cherry Licorice
          Cherry Lifesaver
          Cherry Lime Aid
          Cherry Long Island
          Cherry Lovers Delight
          Cherry Martini
          Cherry Paradise
          Cherry Pepsi
          Cherry Poppin' Scotty
          Cherry Pucker
          Cherry Raspberry Shake
          Cherry Repair Kit
          Cherry Ripe
          Cherry Screwdriver
          Cherry Shake
          Cherry Sour
          Cherry Tree
          Cherry Tree Climber
          Cherry Trouble
          Cherry Tuesday
          Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper
          Cherry Vodka Greyhound
          Cherry Vodka Sour
          Cheshire Cat
          Chi Chi
          Chicago Apple Cider
          Chicago Catcus Juice
          Chicago Cocktail
          Chicago View
          Chicks Dig It
          Chili Margarita
          Chili Marnier
          Chill Out Cafe
          Chilled Chocolate Grasshopper
          Chilled Orgasm
          Chilli Vodka
          Chilly Chocolate Mint
          Chilly Irishman
          China Blue
          China Girl
          China Village Mai Tai
          Chinese Cocktail
          Chinese Mary
          Chocalate Covered Martini
          Choclate Banana Martini
          Choco Banana Smash
          Choco banana Tini
          Choco Buca
          Choco Colada
          Chocolate Almond Cream
          Chocolate Almond Kiss
          Chocolate Banana
          Chocolate Banana Banshee
          Chocolate Banana Fudgsicle
          Chocolate Banana Martini
          Chocolate Banana Sherbet
          Chocolate Barkchip
          Chocolate Boobie
          Chocolate Cake
          Chocolate Cake Martini
          Chocolate Candy
          Chocolate Cappuccino
          Chocolate Carmel Martini
          Chocolate Charlies
          Chocolate Chequita
          Chocolate Cherry Bomb
          Chocolate Chicken
          Chocolate Chimp
          Chocolate City
          Chocolate Cloud
          Chocolate Coke
          Chocolate Confusion
          Chocolate Corvette
          Chocolate Covered Martini
          Chocolate Covered Strawberry D...
          Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini
          Chocolate Cow
          Chocolate Dr. Pepper
          Chocolate Dream
          Chocolate Espresso
          Chocolate Flip
          Chocolate Gatail
          Chocolate Heart
          Chocolate Heaven Martini for 2
          Chocolate Hurricane
          Chocolate Kiss
          Chocolate Leprechaun
          Chocolate Lovers Martini
          Chocolate Maple Moo
          Chocolate Martini
          Chocolate Martini Lite
          Chocolate Milk with a Kick
          Chocolate Milkshake
          Chocolate Mint Martini
          Chocolate Mint Martini
          Chocolate Mint Smooth
          Chocolate Mountain
          Chocolate Orange
          Chocolate Orange Frappe
          Chocolate Penguin Martini
          Chocolate Pirate
          Chocolate Punch
          Chocolate Raspberry Cream
          Chocolate Raspberry Delight
          Chocolate Raspberry Martini
          Chocolate Ravage
          Chocolate Russian
          Chocolate Sailor
          Chocolate Shake
          Chocolate Snowball
          Chocolate Squirrel
          Chocolate Stick
          Chocolate to Die For
          Chocolate Twist
          Chocolate Vice
          Chocolate XS
          Chocolatey Orange Sunset
          Chocolatier Cake
          Choklad Prins Bertil
          Chop Nut
          Chris' Flaming Skull
          Christina Cocktail
          Christina Ricci Cocktail
          Christini Martini
          Christi's Corpse
          Christmas Bellringer
          Christmas Delight
          Christmas Elf's Revenge
          Christmas in a Cup
          Christmas in a Glass
          Christmas In Mexico
          Christmas In The Tropics
          Christmas Martini
          Christmas Nipple
          Christmas Pudding
          Christmas Tree Water
          Christopher Walken
          Chronic Ice Tea
          Chrysanthemum Cocktail
          Chuck Diesel
          Chuck Norris
          Chuck Yeager
          Chucks Irish Bomb
          Chucktown Crunk Juice
          Chunky Monkey
          Chunnel Cocktail
          Church Lady Martini
          Ciao Baby
          Ciclon and Coke
          Ciclonic Hurricane
          Cigar Lover's Martini
          Cina Polada
          Cinco de Mayo
          Cinco de Rob o
          Cinnamon Bloody Mary
          Cinnamon Bun
          Cinnamon Caramel Apple
          Cinnamon Nuts and Cream
          Cinnamon Stick
          Cinnamon Toast
          Cinnamon Toast Crunch
          Cinzano Cocktail
          Circular Incision
          Circus Peanut
          Cit on Fire
          Citizen Cane
          Citron and Seven
          Citron and Sprite
          Citron Cheese Cake
          Citron Splash Martini
          Citronella Cooler
          Citrus Bull
          Citrus Cactus
          Citrus Cooler
          Citrus Eden
          Citrus Gin Cooler
          Citrus Hurricane
          Citrus Martini
          Citrus Mist Colada
          Citrus Neon
          Citrus Rum Cooler
          Citrus Tango
          Citrus Tequila Fizz
          Citrus Twist on Fire
          City Rickey
          Claifornia Sour
          Claret Cobbler
          Claret Lemonade
          Claret Punch
          Clarity Cocktail
          Class Act
          Classic Amaretto Sour
          Classic Blue Hawaiian
          Classic Champagne Cocktail
          Classic Cocktail
          Classic Jack
          Classic Peach Daiquiri
          Classic Pimms
          Classic Sidecar
          Classic Walker
          Classy Bitch
          Classy Razz
          CLC (Cherry Lime Coconut)
          Clear Blue Sea
          Clear Cell
          Clear Lemonade
          Clearly Vodkanadian
          Clementine Martini
          Cleveland Steamer
          Clint's Cosmopolitan
          Cloud Walker
          Cloudberry Cocktail
          Cloudberry Dream
          Cloudy Sky
          Cloudy Sunshine
          Clover Club Royal
          Club Booster
          Club Cocktail
          Club Cuba
          Club Haus
          Club Med
          Club Paradise
          Club Tropix
          Coast Colada
          Coastal Breeze
          Cobalt Kiss
          Cock A Bendy
          Cock 'n Balls
          Cockney Champagne
          Cocky Apple Pucker F@$ker
          Cocky Carrot
          Coco Amor
          Coco Berry
          Coco Blossom
          Coco Butter
          Coco Cabana
          Coco Channel
          Coco Cognac
          Coco Cognac
          Coco Loco
          Coco Martini
          Coco Mocha Alexander
          Coco pop
          Coco Pucker
          Coco Tropico Smoothie
          Cocoa Chanel
          Cocoa Colada
          Coconut Batida
          Coconut Bra
          Coconut Brandy Bowl
          Coconut Breeze
          Coconut Climber
          Coconut Cola
          Coconut Colada
          Coconut Daiquiri
          Coconut Dream
          Coconut Fusion
          Coconut Gin
          Coconut Grove
          Coconut Guitar
          Coconut Milk
          Coconut Monkey
          Coconut Orange
          Coconut Pod
          Coconut Shell
          Coconut Splash
          Coconut Telegraph
          Coconut Tequila
          Coco's Cocktail
          Coctel Algeria
          Code Red
          Cody Spunk
          Coeur d'Alene Peach Pucker
          Coffee Alexander
          Coffee and Dreams
          Coffee Cocktail
          Coffee Colada
          Coffee Cream
          Coffee Egg Nog
          Coffee Fantasy
          Coffee Keokee
          Coffee Lover's Martini
          Coffee Nut Cream
          Coffee Old Fashioned
          Coffee Orloff
          Coffee Royale
          Coffee Stick
          Coffey's Hot Irish Bloody Mary
          Coffin Nail
          Cognac and Soda
          Cognac Coupling
          Cognac Flip
          Cognac Mint Frappe
          Cognac Zoom
          Cohutta Twister
          Cointreau Caress
          Cointreau Flyer
          Coke Safari
          Coke Sucker
          Coko's Passion
          Cola Chup a Chup
          Cola Kubes
          Cola meister
          Cola Rita
          Cola Rolla
          Colada Brazil
          Colada Collision
          Colby's Delight
          Cold Chocolate
          Cold Comfort Martini
          Cold Deck Cocktail
          Cold Duck Cocktail
          Cold Green Slime
          Cold Hearted Threesome
          Cold Kentucky
          Cold Kiss
          Cold Porridge
          Cold Smoke
          Cole's Special Douche
          College Dropout
          Colonel Dan's Ice Tea
          Colonial Rummer
          Colony Club Martini
          Colony Room Cocktail
          Colorado Avalanche
          Colorado Coolaid
          Colorado Hunter
          Colorado Motherf@$ker
          Colorado Pucker
          Colorado Pug
          Colorado 'rita
          Colorado Skies
          Columbia Cocktail
          Columbia Gold
          Columbian Necktie
          Columbus Cactus Bowl
          Columbus Cocktail
          Coma 666
          Comanche Colada
          Combat Cocktail
          Combustible Edison
          Come to Me
          Comfort Dry Manhattan
          Comfort Manhattan
          Comfort Tiger
          Comfortable Brother
          Comfortable Coffee Cocktail
          Comfortable Fuzz
          Comfortable Fuzzy Screw
          Comfortable Fuzzy Screw Agains...
          Comfortable Mariah
          Comfortable Melons
          Comfortable Nut
          Comfortable Screw Against a Fu...
          Comfortable White
          Comfortably Numb
          Comforting Coffee
          Comfy Cream Soda
          Commando Cocktail
          Commie Bastard
          Commodore Highball
          Complete Mess
          Conca de Fuego
          Concoction Cocktail
          Coney Island Baby
          Coney Island Iced Tea
          Confederate Kool aid
          Confidence Builder
          Conga Line
          Connecticut Bulldog
          Connie Cola
          Connoisseur's Treat
          Connolly's Irish Connection
          Conn's Fruity Beverage
          Coo Coo
          Cooch Behar
          Cookie Monster
          Cookie Tosser
          Cool Aid
          Cool Breeze
          Cool Breeze Fru Fru
          Cool Carlos
          Cool Cucumber
          Cool Kid
          Cool Operator
          Cool Paradise
          Cool Raspberry Love
          Cool Yule Martini
          Cooler by the Lake
          Copper Cocktail
          Copper Rivet
          Coppertone Punch
          Coral Queensland
          Coral Reef
          Cordial Cherry
          Cordial Cooler
          Corey's Oatmeal Cookie
          Corey's Pomtonic
          Corn Fed Country Pussy
          Corn Romeo
          Cornhusker Deluxe
          Coronado Cocktail
          Corrupt the Righteous
          Corvallis Mint Julep
          Cosmic Kool Aid
          Cosmo Katie
          Cosmo Killer
          Cosmo Kurant
          Cosmopolitan #1
          Cosmopolitan Cocktail
          Cosmopolitan Delight
          Cosmopolitan Heston Bar Style ...
          Cosmopolitan Martini
          Cossack Cocktail
          Costa del Sol
          Cotillion Cocktail
          Cotton Club
          Cotton Mouth
          Count Blythe
          Count Currey
          Count Stroganoff
          Counter Strike
          Country and Western Cocktail
          Country Cream
          Courage Cocktail
          Courvoisier Strawberry Lemonade
          Cowboy Cocktail
          Cowboy's Comet
          Cowgirl Quencher
          Cowgirl's Prayer
          Cox in the Morning
          Cox on the Rox
          Crabby Soul Man
          Crackberry Cooler
          Cracked Chandelier
          Crackhead Slammer
          Cracklin' Rosie
          Cran Apple & Vodka
          Cran Daddy
          Cran Henny
          Cran It
          Cran Rum Twister
          Cranapple Cocktail
          Cranapple Martini
          Cranberry Apple Martini
          Cranberry Caipirinha
          Cranberry Cooler
          Cranberry Countdown
          Cranberry Gin
          Cranberry Kiss
          Cranberry Margarita
          Cranberry Newt
          Cranberry Smash
          Cranberry Splash
          Cranberry Steamboat
          Cranberry Tart
          Cranberry Toad
          Cranberry Vodka Slush
          Cranberry Zambonee
          Cranhouse Of Love
          Cranilla Dew
          Crank and Vodka
          Crapple Juice
          Crapplenut Punch
          Crash & Burn
          Crash Landing
          Crater Face
          Crazy Caribbean Gentleman
          Crazy Cat
          Crazy Cocktail
          Crazy Erika
          Crazy Finn
          Crazy Huey
          Crazy Janie
          Crazy Jew
          Crazy Juice
          Crazy Maker
          Crazy Monkey
          Crazy Ninja
          Crazy Orgasm
          Crazy Parrot
          Cream Bomb
          Cream of Jack
          Cream Puff
          Cream Reaper
          Cream Samba
          Cream Seven Simulator
          Cream Sherry Cobbler
          Cream Sherry Flip
          Cream Sherry Sangaree
          Cream Soda
          Cream Soda Shaker
          Creamin' Beemin'
          Creamsicle Dream
          Creamsicle Margarita
          Creamsicle Martini
          Creamsicle Raptor Style
          Creamsicle Screwdriver
          Creamy Bush
          Creamy Crispy Crunch
          Creamy Crotch
          Creamy Grasshopper
          Creamy Mimi
          Creamy Niall
          Creamy Pflueger
          Creamy Pina Colada
          Creamy Root Beer Float
          Creamy Russian
          Creamy Sam
          Creamy Sex on the Beach
          Creamy Soda
          Creamy Vodkanilla
          Creative Native
          Creature from the Black Lagoon
          Creek Juice
          Creeper Coke
          Creeping Death
          Creme De Cachaca
          Creme de Cafe
          Creme de Gin
          Creme De Moonthe
          Creme Dream
          Creme Soda
          Creole Lady
          Creole Scream
          Crime Loyal
          Crime of Passion
          Crimean Cocktail
          Crimson Cocktail
          Crimson Fizz
          Crimson Martini
          Crimson Passion
          Crimson Pod
          Crispy Creme
          Croc Punch
          Crocodile Cooler
          Crooked Golf Cart
          Crooked Sister
          Crown & Coke
          Crown & Ginger
          Crown Float
          Crown Jewel
          Crowning of the Bull
          Crowning the 7 Captains of Bombay
          Crow's Nest
          Crucifix of Love
          Cruise Control
          Cruiser Cocktail
          Cruising Van
          Crunk Juice
          Crush de Valencia
          Crushed Orange
          Cruzan Confusion
          Cry Baby Blues
          Crying Game
          Cryonic Shock
          Crypto Nugget
          Crystal Telekenisis
          Crystal Vault
          Cuba Gooding Jr.
          Cuba Libre Espana
          Cuban Breeze
          Cuban Cherry
          Cuban Cigar
          Cuban Cocktail
          Cuban Cooler
          Cuban Crime of Passion
          Cuban Immigrant
          Cuban Island
          Cuban Lemur
          Cuban Manhattan
          Cuban Martini
          Cuban Screw
          Cuban Sour
          Cuban Special
          Cuban Sunrise
          Cuban Sunset
          Cubins Cracker
          Cucamonga coconut lime breeze
          Cuckoo Coconut
          Cucumber and Green Tea Martini
          Cucumber Melon Delight
          Cucumber Rosemary Gin and Tonic
          Cuff and Buttons
          Cum Guzzler
          Cum in a Blender
          Cum in a Hot Tub
          Cum in your Mouth
          Cunning Stunts
          Cuntrat Supreme
          Cupid's Cocktail
          Cupid's Kiss
          Curacao Cooler
          Curled Satan's Whiskers
          Curly Samson
          Currant Fuzzy Navel
          Cute Gay Bartender
          Cutty Cobbler
          Cutty Collins
          Cutty Rickey
          Cuyahoga Cocktail
          CV Special
          Cyber Smoke
          Cyclone Attack
          Cynar Cocktail
          Cyprus Brandy Sour
          Czar's Cup
          Czecher Board
          D & D Lay
          D & D lay
          D Devils
          D Dootie
          D Roy
          D.O.M. Cocktail
          Daffy Duck
          Daily Double C
          Daily Mail
          Daiquiri Blossom
          Daiquiri Cocktail
          Daiquiri Liberal
          Daiquiri Natural
          Daiquiri Party Punch
          Daisy Dueller
          Dale's Bloody Mary
          Dale's Long Island Iced Tea
          Dali Lama
          Damiana Golden
          Damn Good Lemonade
          Damn Right
          Dana's Nicotine Fit
          Dances with Wenches
          Dancin' Bones
          Dancing Captain
          Dancing Dana
          Dancing Lady
          Dancing Leprechaun
          Dandy Cocktail
          Danger Bomb
          Dangerous Liaisons
          Daniel Island Cosmopolitan
          Danish Gin Fizz
          Danish Martini
          Danish Mary
          Danish Toddy
          Danny Borracho
          Danny Sheldon
          Danny's Blue Devil
          Danny's Delight
          Danny's Special
          Dan's Dewberry Martini
          Dante's Inferno
          Daphrine Cocktail
          Darb Cocktail
          Darien Librarian
          Dark Destroyer
          Dark Eyes
          Dark Fuzzy Navel
          Dark Horse
          Dark Lagoon
          Dark Lord
          Dark 'n Stormy
          Dark Pike
          Darkside Martini
          Darren's Vodka Kicker
          Darth Maul
          Dartmouth Cocktail
          Dartmouth Green
          Das Manning
          Datsun Cocktail
          Dave Matthews
          Davey Crockett
          David's Red Robbin
          Davis Cocktail
          Davis Dream
          Dawn Chorus
          Day Dreaming
          Daydream Martini
          Daylon's Bedtime
          Daytona 501
          Daytona Daydream
          Daytona Rolling Thunder
          De Rigueur
          Dea Lea
          Dead Baby Boy
          Dead Budgie
          Dead Hand
          Dead Lawyer
          Dead Man's Handle
          Dead Pirate Seaspray
          Deansgate Cocktail
          Death by Chocolate
          Death by Chocolate Martini
          Death By Oreos
          Death Dream
          Death Everywhere
          Death From Above
          Death in the afternoon
          Death of a Virgin
          Death Star
          Death to Smurfette
          Death's Chocolate Design
          Debi D
          Debonaire Cocktail
          Debutante's Dream
          Deceased Rabbit
          DeeDee Cocktail
          Deep 7
          Deep Blue
          Deep Blue Sea
          Deep Blue Something
          Deep Dark Love
          Deep Dark Secret
          Deep Freeze
          Deep Pleasure
          Deep Sea Cocktail
          Deep Sea Diver
          Deep Sea Martini
          Deep Sea Sex
          Deep Valley
          Deer Killer
          Degobah Dropkick
          Deja Vu
          Delhis Devils
          Delicias de la Habana
          Delicious Martini
          Della's After Dark
          Dellen Delight
          Delmonico Cocktail
          Delta Cocktail
          Delta Sunset
          Delta Traveler
          Demon Raped Soul
          DeNiro Cocktail
          Denmark Orgasm
          Denny Bay
          Depth Bomb
          Depth Charge
          Derby Cocktail
          Derby Fizz
          Derby Special
          DeRosier's 19th Hole
          Desert Breeze
          Desert Healer
          Desert Martini
          Desert Shield
          Desert Skies
          Desert Sunrise
          Deshler Cocktail
          Desperate Housewife
          Desperate Martini
          Desperation Cocktail
          Detroit Daisy
          Detroit Diesel
          Detroit Fermi
          Detroit River Martini
          Devil Cocktail
          Devil In Miss Jones
          Devil Juice
          Devil's Advocate
          Devil's Delight
          Devil's Sweat
          Devil's Tail
          Devil's Torch
          Dew Driver
          Dew It
          Dew Me
          Dew the Dancin Captain
          Dewberry Martini
          Dewing the Captain
          Dewn' Razz
          Di Amore Dream
          Di Saronno Driver
          Di Saronno Mimosa
          Di Saronno Punch
          Diablo de Blanco
          Diablo's Blood
          Diamond Head
          Diamond Romeo
          Diamond's Tweaked Cosmopolitan...
          Diana Cocktail
          Diaper Stripes
          Diarrhea Bomb
          Dib Dab
          Dick Deming Martini
          Dick in the Dirt
          Dickel Tickle
          Dickey Wallbanger
          Die Hard
          Diet Cherry Vanilla Yummy
          Dieta Special
          Dignified Iced Tea
          Diki Diki
          Dimple Cocktail
          Diplomatic Answer
          Dirty Apple
          Dirty Ashtray
          Dirty Bastard
          Dirty Blonde
          Dirty Bloody Martini
          Dirty Bloody Red Headed Slut
          Dirty Bomb
          Dirty Bone on the Rocks
          Dirty Bong H20
          Dirty Butt Whore
          Dirty C
          Dirty Crane
          Dirty Dante
          Dirty Deigo
          Dirty Dick
          Dirty Donkey
          Dirty Futo
          Dirty Glass
          Dirty Gold
          Dirty Grandmother
          Dirty Green
          Dirty Ice cap
          Dirty Knees
          Dirty Lemonade
          Dirty Martini
          Dirty Melon
          Dirty Momma
          Dirty Monkey
          Dirty Ocean
          Dirty Pat Trick
          Dirty Pecker with a Twist
          Dirty Redheaded Slut
          Dirty Rotten
          Dirty Russian
          Dirty Sewer
          Dirty Shaft
          Dirty Shirley
          Dirty Snowball
          Dirty Sock
          Dirty South
          Dirty Strawberry
          Dirty Virgin
          Dirty Vodka Martini
          Dirty Volcano
          Dirty, Dirty
          Dirty's Liquid Lovin'
          Disappointed Lady
          Disaronno and Cream
          Disco Inferno
          Discovery Bay
          Disgruntled Elf
          Diva Licious
          Diva Style
          Dive Bomb
          Divine Splice
          Dixie Cup
          Dixie Pearl
          Dixie Smooth
          Dixie Throw
          Dixie Toss
          Dizzy Blonde
          Dizzy Dame
          Do Be Careful
          Do Me Now
          Do the Pink, the Pink Elephant
          Dobbs Ferry Fruit Punch
          Dobroj Nochi
          Doc Harris
          Doc Holiday
          Doc Hollyblock
          Doc's Lemonade
          Doctor Cocktail
          Doctor Patient Relationship
          Dodge Special
          Dog Biscuit
          Dog Nuts
          Doggy Style On the Beach
          Doh Doh
          Dolly Iced Tea
          Dolph Lundgren
          Dolphin Fin
          Dolphin's Foam
          Dominican Coco Loco
          Don Giovanni
          Don Matteo
          Don Pablo
          Don Pedro
          Don Roberto
          Don Roberto Old Fashioned
          Donald Cox
          Donkey Semmen
          Donna Reed
          Donna's Glowing Sunrise
          Donnington Brainstorm
          Don's Bloody Mary
          Don's Rusty Nail
          Don's Sunset
          Don't Touch My Mustache
          Don't Worry About It
          Doo littles
          Dorm Room Special
          Dot's Hot Spot
          Double Bubble
          Double Fudge Martini
          Double Intention
          Double Mudd
          Double Muff Diver
          Double O Seven
          Double Omega
          Double Root Beer Trouble
          Double Southern and Squirt
          Double Standard Sour
          Double Your Pleasure, Double Y...
          Douglas Fairbanks
          Douglas Martini
          Douglas Slammer
          Douglas Town
          Down and Dirty Dry Martini
          Down Home Dew
          Down the Hatch
          Down to Earth
          Down Under
          Down Under Dreamsicle
          Down Under Snowball
          Downhill Cocktail
          Doyles' Deliberation
          Dr. Bacardi
          Dr. Black
          Dr. Blue
          Dr. Canadian
          Dr. Crown
          Dr. Dente
          Dr. Dewar's
          Dr. Dye's Revenge
          Dr. Feelgood
          Dr. Fire
          Dr. Funk
          Dr. Gold's
          Dr. Jager
          Dr. Jim
          Dr. Monkey
          Dr. Morgan
          Dr. Mysti's Apple
          Dr. Nut
          Dr. Pecker
          Dr. Pepper Slammer
          Dr. Red
          Dr. Red Russian
          Dr. Ruth
          Dr. SoCo
          Dr. Suarez
          Dr. Swerve
          Dr. Vodka
          Dr. Zhivago
          Drag Queen
          Dragon Slayer
          Drambuie Cider
          Drambuie Coffee
          Drambuie Espresso Martini
          Dreamin' Caribbean Cocktail
          Dreaming in Antalya
          Dreamsicle Delight
          Dreamy Banana Smoothie
          Dreamy Chameleon
          Dreamy Monkey
          Dressed Up Pina Colada
          Drew Special
          Drew's Peartini
          Drink of the Gods
          Dripping Wet Pink
          Drive Away
          Drop Kick
          Drowning Pool
          Drug Test Specimen
          Drum Cocktail
          Drunk Driver
          Drunk Gummy
          Drunk Monkey
          Drunk on Christmas
          Drunken Grandma
          Drunken Grasshopper
          Drunken Hawaiian
          Drunken Italian Sailor
          Drunken Madness
          Drunken Monkey's Lunch
          Drunken Parrot
          Drunken Rumsfeld
          Drunken Stupor
          Drunken Superman
          Dry Brandy Manhattan
          Dry Chocolate
          Dry Hole
          Dry Lemonade
          Dry Manhattan
          Dry Martini
          Dry Negroni Cocktail
          Dubai Quench
          Dublin Driver
          Dubonnet Cassis
          Dubonnet Highball
          Dubonnet Kiss
          Dubonnet Manhattan
          Dubonnet Negroni
          Dubonnet Royal
          Duck Cocktail
          Duck Sauce
          Duck Soup
          Due Campari
          Duende Verde
          Duke Cocktail
          Duke of Cornwall
          Duke of Marlboro
          Duke's a Champ
          Duke's Dew
          Dumpster Juice
          Dundas Valley Ghost
          Dundee Cocktail
          Dundee Dream
          Dune Buggy
          Dungeon Master
          Durban Poison
          Dusty Bill
          Dusty Dog
          Dusty Martini
          Dusty Rose
          Dutch Apple Pie
          Dutch Bomb
          Dutch summer
          Dutch Trade Winds
          Dutch turbo
          Dyer Maker
          Eager Beaver
          Eagle Cocktail
          Eagle Eye
          Earl of Sardinia
          Earls Court
          Early Afternoon Cocktail
          Early Burn
          Early Christmas
          Early Morning Sulk
          Earthquake Cocktail
          East Indian
          East West Cocktail
          East Wing Cocktail
          Easter Egg
          Eastern Manhattan
          Eastern Sour
          Easy Action
          Easy Bahama Mama
          Easy Creamsicle
          Easy Jesus
          Easy Money
          Easy Rootbeer Float
          Easy Tropical
          Eat My Martini
          Eat My Pussy
          Ebony Babe
          Ed Mans Blues
          Eden Cocktail
          Edible Panties
          Edith Day Cocktail
          Edith's Fizz
          EDO Cocktail
          Egg Crusher
          Egg Sour
          Ekatherina Andreevna
          El Bano
          El Borak
          El Caribe (Caribbean Martini)
          El Chupacabra
          El Chupacabras
          El Cid
          El Condor Pasa
          El Diablo
          El Diego
          El Floridita
          El Gringo Loco
          El Jefe
          El Mahon
          El Nino
          El Presidente Cocktail
          El Presidente Edwardo
          El Sabor
          El Salvador
          El Swavo
          El Toro
          El Torro Loco
          El Tropicale
          Elderflower Martini
          Electric Blue Lemonade
          Electric Bubblegum
          Electric Cool Aid
          Electric Iced Tea
          Electric Jam
          Electric Koolaid
          Electric Lizard
          Electric Long Island Iced Tea
          Electric Marcucci
          Electric Margarita
          Electric Relaxation
          Electric Ski mask
          Electric Smurf
          Electric Tea
          Electric Watermellon
          Electric Watermelon
          Elephant Gun
          Elf Tea
          Elixir de Menthe
          Elk Piss
          Elven Blood
          Embassy Cocktail
          Embassy Royal
          Embryo Cocktail
          Emerald Breeze
          Emerald Cocktail
          Emerald Isle
          Emerald Isle Cooler
          Emerald Jewel Funtini
          Emerald Martini
          Emerald Rain
          Emerald Star
          Emerald Vodka Martini
          Emily Emily
          Empire Cocktail
          Empire Glory
          Emporia Martini
          Enchantress Divine
          End of My Rope
          End of the Road
          Energy Flux
          Energy FM
          English Bolo
          English Pirate
          Eric's Bloody Bull
          Erika's Sweet Dream
          Erinn's Kahlua And Godiva
          Erin's Gin & Tonic
          Escape Route
          Eskay Slammer
          Eskimo Slugger
          Espresso Martini
          Espresso Raspberry Chocolate M...
          Essex Slag
          Ethiopian Camel Basher
          Eucalyptus Martini
          Eugene Dangerous
          European Dr. Pepper
          Even Pair
          Evening in Paris
          Event Horizon
          Everglades Special
          Everything But
          Eve's Apple Daiquiri
          Eve's Original Sin
          Evil Blue Thing
          Evil Jake
          Evil Shenanigans
          Evil Spell
          Ewa Beach Ice Tea
          Excuse Me
          Exit the Brain
          Exorcist Cocktail
          Exotic Pimms
          Explorer's Reward
          Exstatic Orgasm
          Extreme Punch
          Extreme Valentine
          Eye of Swamp
          Eye of the Storm
          Eye of the Tiger
          Eye Opening Bloody Mary
          F 104
          Face First
          Fade 'o Rade
          Fading Vader
          Fag Juice
          Fahrenheit 151
          Fair and Warmer Cocktail
          Fairie Festival DoDo's
          Fairy From Hell
          Fairy's Kiss
          Faith, Hope, and Garrity
          Fake Mountain Dew
          Falcon Eddy
          Fall Crisp
          Fallen Leaves
          Falling Sky
          Famous Dwayne
          Fancy Free
          Fancy Nancy
          Fancy Panties
          Fancy Tequila Cocktail
          Fans Cocktail
          Far East
          Far West
          Fare Thee Well
          Fare Thee Well Martini
          Fashion Victim
          Fast Buck
          Fat Bastard
          Fat Boy
          Fat Cat Cooler
          Fat Charley
          Fat Friar
          Fat Frog
          Fat Lighter
          Fat Sailor
          Fat Titties
          Father Sherman
          Faux Nog
          Faux Scrumpy
          Favorite Slammer
          Fearless Redneck
          Fedbergs Favorite Caipirinha
          Fedberg's Woodstock
          Federal Law
          Federal Punch
          Feed Bag
          Feel like holiday
          Feeler Cocktail
          Felching Banana
          Felix Longwater
          Feliz Natal
          Feni Highball
          Feni Mojito
          Fern Gully
          Fernet Branca Cocktail
          Fernet con Coca
          Fernet with Coke
          Ferocious Flip
          Ferris Wheel
          Festival Cocktail
          Fickle Pickle
          Fiddlers Toast
          Field Artillery Special
          Field of Green
          Field Of Hearts
          Fierce 151
          Fight Night
          Figs and the City
          Fiji Fizz
          Filthy Bitch
          Filthy Mudblood
          Fin N' Tonic
          Final Exam Relief
          Finals Night
          Fine and Dandy
          Finlandia Bloody Mary
          Finn Roses
          Fino Martini
          Fire Fly
          Fire in the Disco
          Fire in the Sky
          Fire Starter
          Fireman's Ice Tea
          First 99 Problems
          First Avenue
          First Degree Burn
          First Love
          First Nighter
          Fish Bowl
          Fish Lips
          Fist Fight
          Fisting in a Mexican Prison
          Five Before Flying
          Five Dollar Margaret
          Five Green Brothers
          Five Hundred Proof
          Fizzy Ciclon
          Fizzy Fuzzy Navel
          Fizzy Gimlet
          Fizzy Green Hunnit
          Fizzy Navel
          Fizzy Peach
          Fizzy Watermelon
          Fizzy Windex
          Fjellbekk (Mountain Stream)
          Flame Blazer
          Flame of Love
          Flamin' Dead Nazi
          Flaming 7 7
          Flaming Anus
          Flaming Armageddon
          Flaming Blue Lamborghini
          Flaming Delicious
          Flaming Duck Quiff
          Flaming Ferrari
          Flaming Gay Morgan
          Flaming Jagerbomb
          Flaming Jesse
          Flaming Lamborghini
          Flaming Layrnx
          Flaming Moz
          Flaming Mr. Fish
          Flaming Nate
          Flaming Rockstar
          Flaming Shocker
          Flamingo Fuzz
          Flamingo Rita
          Flamingo Squeezer
          Flapjack Shooter
          Flatlander's Folly
          Flavor Flav
          Fleur De Lis
          Flim Flam
          Flip a Pack
          Flip Passion
          Flirty Jessi
          Flooded Basement
          Flor de Mayo
          Floradora Cooler
          Florida Cocktail
          Florida Daiquiri
          Florida Freeze
          Florida Orgasm
          Florida Punch
          Florida Rain
          Florida Sling
          Florida Special
          Florida Sunshine
          Flower of nippon
          Floyd Collins
          Fluffy Cocktail
          Fluffy Dog
          Fluffy Duck
          Fluffy F
          Fluffy Pink Slipper
          Fluorescent Dream
          Fly Swatter
          Flying Angel
          Flying Bull
          Flying Cow
          Flying F@$k
          Flying Flamingo
          Flying Fortress
          Flying Gorilla
          Flying Grapefruit
          Flying Grasshopper
          Flying Kangaroo
          Flying Meister
          Flying Penguin
          Flying Purple Squirrel
          Flying Saucer
          Flying Scotsman
          Flying Squirrel
          Flying Swan
          Flying Teetsie Fly
          Flying Zambo
          Foaming Pepsi
          Foamy Irishman
          Focal Point
          Fog Horn
          Foggy Afternoon
          Foggy Day
          Folke West
          Fondling Fool
          Fong Juice
          Fontainebleau Sidecar
          Foot in the Ass
          Forbidden Smoke
          Force 12
          Forest Dream
          Forest Funk
          Forget Me Not
          Forgive Me
          Formula 1
          Formula 3
          Formula 420
          Four Horsemen Hell Breed
          Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
          Four Jokers
          Four Wheeler
          Fox Trot
          Fozen Leprechaun
          Fraise de Champagne
          Fraises Fizz
          Frangelico and Chocolate
          Frangelico Float
          Frank Davis Punch
          Frank Sinatra
          Franko Ra
          Frappe Ramal 5
          Freakin' Willy
          Free Spirit Martini
          French 68
          French 75
          French 75 (Cognac)
          French 76
          French 95
          French Bite
          French Colada
          French Cosmopolitan
          French Daiquiri
          French Dream
          French Fantasy
          French Flamingo
          French Foam
          French Fry
          French Green Dragon
          French Hooker
          French Horn
          French Kiss
          French Lift
          French Martini
          French Mud Slide
          French Night
          French Orgasm
          French Pirate
          French Port
          French Revolution
          French Rose Cocktail
          French Screwdriver
          French Style Pernod
          French Summer
          French Sunrise
          French Toast #2
          French Vanilla Godiva
          French Watermelon Matini
          Fresh Air
          Fresh Berry and Wine Coulis
          Fresh Melon Martini
          Fretful Martini
          Frey Jacobs Special
          Friar Tuck
          Friar Tuck #2
          Friar's Luck
          Frightleberry Murzenquest
          Frigid Hairy Virgin
          Frisco Cocktail
          Friskt Normansson
          Frisky Steve
          Frisky Witch
          Frog Cocktail
          frog man
          Frog Nuts
          Frooty Biznitch
          Frost Bite
          Frosted Apple
          Frosted Coke
          Frostmark 5 on Ice
          Frosty Amour
          Frosty Dawn
          Frosty Kurant
          Frosty Lay
          Frosty Noggin
          Frosty Pineapple Crush
          Frothy Snowman
          Froupe Cocktail
          Frozen Andes Mint
          Frozen Aquavit
          Frozen Barcelona
          Frozen Bay Breeze
          Frozen Bikini
          Frozen Black Irish
          Frozen Blue Hawaii
          Frozen Bull
          Frozen Cappuccino
          Frozen Cherry Daiquiri
          Frozen Citron Neon
          Frozen Coconut
          Frozen Cocorita Cherry Popper
          Frozen Domingo
          Frozen Dreamsicle
          Frozen Forest Berries
          Frozen Fruit Daiquiri
          Frozen Fuzzy
          Frozen Gael
          Frozen Kahlua Mudslide
          Frozen Key Lime
          Frozen Leprechaun
          Frozen Margarita
          Frozen Martini
          Frozen Melon Ball
          Frozen Midori Sour
          Frozen Mint Julep
          Frozen Nipples
          Frozen O
          Frozen Orange Dream
          Frozen Passion Margarita
          Frozen Peach Daiquiri
          Frozen Pine
          Frozen Pink Lemonade
          Frozen Purple Peedinker
          Frozen Pussy
          Frozen Rainforest
          Frozen Real Strawberry Margarita
          Frozen Sex
          Frozen Southern Comfort
          Frozen Steppes
          Frozen Steve O
          Frozen Strawberry Banana Colada
          Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri
          Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri #2
          Frozen Tequila Screwdriver
          Frozen Velvet Hammer
          Frozen Yeti
          Fruit Blast Martini Cocktail
          Fruit Booty
          Fruit Booty #2
          Fruit Breeze
          Fruit Daiquiri
          Fruit Explosion
          Fruit Extravaganza
          Fruit Frappe
          Fruit Fusion
          Fruit Lush
          Fruit Margarita
          Fruit Rum Frappe
          Fruit Salad
          Fruit Salad #2
          Fruit Sensation
          Fruit Tingle #2
          Fruitbooty 69
          Fruitopia Snap
          Fruits of the Desert
          Fruity as F@$k
          Fruity Ball of F@$k
          Fruity Blast
          Fruity Carebare
          Fruity Exploration
          Fruity F@$k
          Fruity Pebble #2
          Fruity Pebbles #2
          Fruity Slut
          Fruity Smash
          Fruity Sprite Kicker
          Fruity Toad
          Frye's Crazy Lime
          Frye's Spiked Orange
          Frye's Tropical Blast
          Fudge Slide
          Fuji Apple
          Fuji Devil Dog
          Full House
          Full Moon
          Full Moon #2
          Full Nelson
          Full Nelson #2
          Full Throttle
          Fully Southern
          Fun Loving
          Fun Ship
          Fun Squeeze
          Funky Garlic
          Furry Purple Squirrel
          Fusion Rioja
          Fuzzy Bear
          Fuzzy Buccaneer
          Fuzzy Bull
          Fuzzy Bull Balls
          Fuzzy Bunny
          Fuzzy Charlie
          Fuzzy Cola
          Fuzzy Cooter
          Fuzzy Delight
          Fuzzy Driver
          Fuzzy Duck
          Fuzzy Eddie
          Fuzzy Ethan
          Fuzzy Evil
          Fuzzy F@$ker
          Fuzzy Fruit
          Fuzzy Fruity Brain Blitzer
          Fuzzy Goose
          Fuzzy Greyhound
          Fuzzy Hard Navel
          Fuzzy Hippo
          Fuzzy Leprechaun
          Fuzzy Leprechaun #2
          Fuzzy Mack Truck
          Fuzzy Martini
          Fuzzy Melon
          Fuzzy Melon Ball
          Fuzzy Melonberry
          Fuzzy Mexican
          Fuzzy Monkey #2
          Fuzzy Navel
          Fuzzy Navel #2
          Fuzzy Navel (original)
          Fuzzy Noggin
          Fuzzy Nuts
          Fuzzy Peach
          Fuzzy Pecker
          Fuzzy Pierced Navel
          Fuzzy Pirate
          Fuzzy Pissbomb
          Fuzzy Pucker
          Fuzzy Pussy
          Fuzzy Rita
          Fuzzy Screw Against the Wall
          Fuzzy Shark
          Fuzzy Sunrise
          Fuzzy Tounge
          Fuzzy Yellow Balls
          G Boy
          G Drink
          G Spot
          G Spot #2
          G Spot Martini
          G String
          G.I. Giraffe
          Gables Collins
          Gail's Summer Storm
          Gala Appletini
          Gala Margarita
          Gale At Sea
          Gale Warning
          Galliano Daiquiri
          Galliano Island Iced Tea
          Galliano Milkshake
          Galliano Toddy
          Galway Gray
          Galway Grey
          Gandy Dancer
          Gang Related
          Gang Up
          Gangsta Colada
          Gangsta's Charm
          Gansett Juice
          Garbo Cocktail
          Garden Fresh
          Garlic Martini
          Garnet Crow
          Gary's Laugh
          Gas and Coke
          Gator Booger
          Gator Piss
          Gaudi Johann
          Gault's Gumption
          Gay Bartender
          Gay Marine
          Gay Mountie
          Gay Pirate
          Gayley Avenue Margarita
          Gene Splice
          Gene Tunney
          General Cocktail
          General Lee
          Generation X
          Geneva Convention
          Genghis Thong
          Genie Martini
          Gentle Ben
          Gentle Bull
          Gentle Sun Tan
          Gentleman's Cocktail
          Gentleman's Weekend
          George and Ginger
          George of the Jungle
          George's Jungle
          Georgia Gin
          Georgia Mint Julep
          Georgia Peach
          Georgia Peach #2
          Georgia Peach Fizz
          Georgia Peach Tea
          Georgia Promenade
          Georgia Skank
          Georgia Swamp Water
          Georgian Redneck
          German Band
          German Beauty
          German Bight
          German Bulldog
          German Carbomb
          German Cherry Bomb
          German Chocolate Cake
          German Hooker (Die Deutsche Nu...
          German Lemon Bomb
          German Peach
          German Wake Up Call
          Get 'er Done
          Get Her Done
          Get Your Jollies
          Gettin' Loose
          Ghetto Margarita
          Ghetto Peach
          Ghetto Romance
          Ghetto Screwupdriver
          Gilbert Cocktail
          Gil's Revenge
          Gin Alexander
          Gin Aloha
          Gin and Berry It
          Gin and Bitters
          Gin and Fresca
          Gin and Juice
          Gin and Pear
          Gin berry
          Gin Breeze
          Gin Burch
          Gin by Me
          Gin Cassis
          Gin Cassis Fizz
          Gin Citric
          Gin Crusta
          Gin Cup
          Gin Daiquiri
          Gin Dog
          Gin Flurrie
          Gin ger ale
          Gin Gin
          Gin Gin Highball
          Gin Gin Mule
          Gin Jock
          Gin Lime Rickey
          Gin Limey
          Gin Lollipop
          Gin Sunsplash
          Gin Thing
          Ginadine Fizz
          Gina's Pussy
          Ginberry Cosmo
          Ginein's Raspberry Surprise
          Ginger Apple Martini
          Ginger bang Champagne
          Ginger Bite
          Ginger Breeze
          Ginger Float
          Ginger in Fashion
          Ginger Kiss
          Ginger Messiah
          Ginger NoHenry
          Ginger Nut
          Ginger Rum
          Ginger Scotch
          Ginger Spice
          Ginger Swing
          Ginger's Sweet Tooth
          Gino's Perfect Margarita
          Ginza Strip
          Giraffe snot
          Girasole Cocktail
          Girl From Mars
          Girl Mint
          Girlie Martini
          Girls Night Out
          Glacier Mint
          Glacier Mist
          Glad Eye
          Gladys Delight
          Glass Angel
          Glass Tower
          Glitter and Trash
          Glo Jito
          Glo meister
          Glo Tini
          Gloom Chaser
          Gloom Lifter
          Gloom Raiser
          Glow Job
          Go for Broke Cocktail
          Go Girl!
          Go Go
          Go Go Girl
          Go Go Juice
          Go With the Flow
          Goat Herder
          Goddess of Blood
          Godiva Chocolate Covered Banana
          Godiva Chocolate Martini
          Godiva Cream
          Godiva Irish Coffee
          Godiva Mudslide
          Godiva Peppermint Kiss
          Godiva Whisper
          Godiva's Bush
          God's Alabama Slammer
          God's Child
          Goin' Home
          Gold Card
          Gold Coast
          Gold Dust
          Gold Fizz
          Gold Margarita
          Gold Margarita #2
          Gold Mine
          Gold Miner
          Gold Standard
          Gold Wizard
          Golden Almonds
          Golden Apple Cider
          Golden Beam
          Golden Cadillac #2
          Golden Cadillac with White Walled Tires
          Golden Cinnamon Apple
          Golden Colada
          Golden Dawn
          Golden Delicious
          Golden Dream
          Golden Drop Wineries Mango Dai...
          Golden Fleece
          Golden Friendship
          Golden Girl
          Golden Kiss Martini
          Golden Margarita
          Golden Martini
          Golden Miller
          Golden Mountain Screw
          Golden Nail
          Golden Nugget
          Golden Nugget #2
          Golden Oldie
          Golden Panther
          Golden Russian
          Golden Rye Fizz
          Golden Screw
          Golden Shnoozberry
          Golden Shooter
          Golden Sip
          Golden Sunset
          Golden Tang
          Golden Tongue
          Golden Trailer Martini
          Golden Up
          Goldfinger Martini
          Golf Cocktail
          Golf Martini
          Gone Tomorrow
          Good Action
          Good Golly
          Good Morning Jamaica
          Good Morning Mexico
          Good 'n Plenty
          Good Old Boy
          Good Old Days
          Good Stuff
          Goodbye Sigh
          Goodness Gracious
          Goombay Smash Bahamas
          Goombay Smash Charleston Style
          Goose Egg
          Gooseberry Jam
          GordBuster from Hell
          Gordon's Mountain
          Gorilla Cocktail
          Gorky Park
          Gorky Park Cooler
          Government Sponsored Killer (GSK)
          Gracious Enjee
          Gradeal Special
          Graham Cracker Smasher
          Grampa Doogin
          Gran Ojito
          Grand Apple
          Grand Fashion
          Grand Hawaiian Screw
          Grand Occasion
          Grand Passion
          Grand Pear
          Grand Quetsch
          Grand Royal Fizz
          Grand Slam
          Grand Tuaca Drop
          Grandes Smoothie
          Grandma's Bloody Mary
          Grandma's Peach Fuzz
          Grandpa's Cough Medicine
          Granny Apple Blossom
          Granny Candy
          Granny Smackers
          Granny Smith
          Granny Smith's Best Apple Martini
          Granny Tequila
          Granny's Apple Pie Martini
          Grape Ape #2
          Grape Beam
          Grape Bubbolicious
          Grape Coconut
          Grape Juice Rickey
          Grape Martini
          Grape Nehi
          Grape Rape
          Grape Rocket
          Grape Soda
          Grape Vodka Froth
          Grapeasaurus Rex
          Grapefruit Crush
          Grapefruit Silhouette
          Grapefruit Splash
          Grapes of Bath
          Grapes of Wrath
          Grappa Gimlet
          Grappa Strega
          Grass Is Greener
          Grassy Knoll Cocktail
          Grateful Dead
          Grease Lightning
          Great Artius
          Great Attitude
          Great Caesar's Martini
          Great Dane
          Great Gatsby
          Great Head
          Great Idea
          Great Secret
          Great White Shark Attack
          Greazy Deigo
          Greek Buck
          Greek Manhatten
          Greek Sex On The Beach
          Greek Tycoon
          Green Alexander
          Green and Gold Bloody
          Green and Mean
          Green Ant
          Green Apple Bomb
          Green Apple Margarita
          Green Apple Tequini
          Green Appletini
          Green Bay
          Green Bean
          Green Beetle
          Green Booger
          Green Bull
          Green Carnation
          Green Casa Noble
          Green Coconut
          Green Dinosaur
          Green Doodoo
          Green Dragon Cocktail
          Green Dragon Cocktail #2
          Green Dream
          Green Eggs
          Green Eye Opener
          Green Eyed Lady
          Green Eyed Monster
          Green Eyes
          Green Fairy
          Green Fairy Blood
          Green Fantasy
          Green Fire
          Green Frothy Monkey
          Green Gables
          Green Gables #2
          Green Glow
          Green Goblin Cocktail
          Green Goddamn
          Green Goddamn #2
          Green Goddess
          Green Gulf
          Green Hope
          Green Horn
          Green Hornet
          Green Ice
          Green Iguana Margarita
          Green Island
          Green K
          Green Kryptonite
          Green Lantern #2
          Green Lizard
          Green Machine
          Green Mamba
          Green Martini
          Green Meadows
          Green Mexican
          Green Milkshake
          Green Mirage
          Green Mist
          Green Monkey
          Green Monster
          Green Nazi
          Green Orange
          Green Poison
          Green Pussy
          Green Ranger
          Green Room
          Green Russian
          Green Russian #2
          Green Scorpion
          Green Slime
          Green Snowball
          Green Spade
          Green Spade #2
          Green Stinger
          Green Sunset
          Green Swamps
          Green Tea Martini
          Green Tee This
          Green Tide
          Green tini (aka Green Tea ni)
          Green Vodka
          Green Widow
          Green with Envy
          Green Zima
          Green Zone
          Greenbrier Creek
          Greenie Meanie
          Greg Brady Wipeout
          Gregneck's Long Island
          Gremlin Fixer
          Grey Goose Driver
          Grinch's Christmas
          Gringo Punch
          Grizz Killer
          Grizzy Adams
          Grocery Boy
          Grok Juice
          Grown up Lemonade
          GS Tea
          Guava Colada
          Guava Gibbons
          Guava Rose Martini
          Guavaberry Colada
          Guavaberry Kir
          Guavaberry Royale
          Guavaberry Sunset
          Guesswork Cocktail
          Guillermo's Dream
          Guilty O.J.
          Guilty Verdict
          Guinness Martini
          Guinness Top
          Guiseppi 'tini
          Gulf of Mexico
          Gulf of Mexico #2
          Gulf Stream
          Gull's Wing
          Gumdrop Cocktail
          Gumdrop Martini
          Gummi Berry Juice
          Gummi Worms
          Gummy Bear
          Gummy Sharks
          Gummy Worm Bomb
          Gump Cocktail
          Gun Barrel
          Gypsy Margarita
          Gypsy Queen
          H Bomb #2
          H Bomb Cocktail
          H2O Martini
          Habana Libre
          Haiku Cocktail
          Haiku Martini
          Hail Queen Candace
          Hair Dryer
          Hair Gel
          Hairless Chiahuahua
          Hairy Armpit
          Hairy Ass
          Hairy Berry
          Hairy Bitch
          Hairy Blue Balls
          Hairy Coconut
          Hairy Happy Trail
          Hairy Jerry
          Hairy Muff
          Hairy Navel
          Haitian Gold
          Hal Ligon
          Hale Bopper
          Haleakala Martini
          Half a Lamus
          Halfcast Russian
          Halla Mountain Sunrise
          Halle Berry
          Halley's Comfort
          Hallo Police
          Hammer & Sickle
          Hammer and Tongs
          Hammer Cocktail
          Hammer Horror
          Han Solo
          Hand Job
          Handball Cooler
          Hangar One Vodka Tonic (Mandarin)
          Hangman's Blood
          Hangover Cure
          Hanky Panky
          Happily Ever After
          Happy Birthday Motherf@$ker
          Happy Camper
          Happy Camper #2
          Happy Colada
          Happy Ending
          Happy Face
          Happy Happy
          Happy Hawaiian
          Happy Hollander
          Happy Holly daze
          Happy Honey Cocktail
          Happy Juice
          Happy Monkey
          Happy New Year
          Happy Youth
          Hara Kiwi
          Harbor Light
          Hard Case
          Hard Cory
          Hard Dick
          Hard Dreamsicle
          Hard Goya
          Hard Icey Nipple
          Hard in the Paint
          Hard Lemon Ice
          Hard Lemonade
          Hard Mick
          Hard On
          Hard Root Beer
          Hard Rootbeer
          Hard Strawberry Lemonade
          Hardcore Gatorade
          Harf & Harf
          Hari Kari
          Harlem Mugger
          Harley Davidson
          Harm's Way
          Harper's Ferry
          Harrison Ford
          Harry Denton Martini
          Harry Dolan
          Harry Lime
          Harry Potter
          Harry Titty
          Harry's Cocktail
          Harry's Harveys Punch
          Harsh But Fair
          Harvey Wall Climber
          Hasbrouck Heights
          Hat Trick
          Haus Mix
          Havana Beach Cocktail
          Havana Club
          Havana Sidecar
          Havana Special
          Have Fun with Your Dildo
          Hawaii Cocktail
          Hawaii Five O
          Hawaiian Barbie
          Hawaiian Cherry Popper
          Hawaiian Death
          Hawaiian Desire
          Hawaiian Dream
          Hawaiian Eye
          Hawaiian Fire Water
          Hawaiian Hammer
          Hawaiian Hillbillie
          Hawaiian Ho
          Hawaiian Hooker
          Hawaiian Island Sunset
          Hawaiian Lust
          Hawaiian Mai Tai
          Hawaiian Margarita
          Hawaiian Orange Blossom
          Hawaiian Parrot
          Hawaiian Rain Drops
          Hawaiian Redneck
          Hawaiian Russian
          Hawaiian Screw #2
          Hawaiian Sea Breeze
          Hawaiian Seduction
          Hawaiian Shoreline
          Hawaiian Stone Sour
          Hawaiian Sunrise
          Hawaiian Sunrise #2
          Hawaiian Sunset
          Hawaiian Surfer
          Hawaiian Surfer on Acid
          Hawaiian Tattoo
          Hawaiian Vodka
          Hayley's Comet
          Hazelnut Martini
          Hazy Skyy
          Head Banger
          Head for the Hills
          Head Hunter
          Head On
          Head Shrinker
          Headless Californian
          Heads Up 7 Up
          Healthy But Hammered
          Healthy Eggnog
          Healthy Spice
          Heart Warmer
          Heartbreaker's Special
          Hearty Susan
          Heat of the Heart
          Heat of the Moment
          Heat Wave
          Heat Wave #2
          Heated Cape Cod
          Heather Blush
          Heaven in Your Mouth
          Heaven on Earth
          Heaven Sent
          Heavenly Hilary
          Heavenly Orgasm
          Heavy Flow
          Heavy G
          Heberts Alexander
          Hefty Smurf
          Heidi Schnapps
          Heidi's Comet
          Hell Bender
          Hell Frozen Over
          Hell Hole
          Hell on Earth
          Hello Nurse
          Hell's Kitchen
          Hell's Mary
          Helluva Hurricane
          Help Wanted
          Hemingway Daiquiri
          Hemingway Hammer
          Hemingway Special
          Hen Night Zipper Ripper
          Hennessy Alexander
          Hennessy and Apple
          Hennessy and Cherry Coke
          Hennessy and Coke
          Hennessy and Vanilla Coke
          Hennessy Martini
          Hennessy, Apple and Red
          Henny Sunrise
          Hennyville Slugger
          Henry Morgan's Grog
          Henry's Last Hurrah
          Henry's Special
          Hep Cat
          Her Inner Secret
          Her Name In Lights
          Her Period
          Herbie Hancock
          Here Today
          Herman Sherman
          Hermie's Hard Neapolitan
          Herradura Mango Mojito
          Hershey Highway
          Heste Pis
          Hey Bitch, Come Here
          Hey Kool Aid
          Hi Ho Cocktail
          Hi Speed
          Hidden Grapefruit
          Hidden Nightmare
          Hidden Nightmare #2
          High and Dry
          High Jamaican Wind
          High Moon
          High Octane Accelerator
          High Octane Black Russian
          High Octane Green Summer
          High Octane White Russian
          High on Irony
          High Quality H2O
          High Rise
          High Road
          High Roller
          High Speed
          High Stakes Cocktail
          High Tide
          High Voltage
          Highball Cocktail
          Highland Cooler
          Highland Cream
          Highland Margarita
          Hilgert Cocktail
          Hill Topper
          Hillary Wallbanger
          Hillbilly Bob's Mountain Drink
          Hillbilly Highball
          Hillside Blue
          Hilty Dilty
          Hiroshima Cocktail
          HO Tini
          Hocus Pocus
          Hoffman House Martini
          Hokkaido Highball
          Holiday Brandy Alexander
          Holiday Captain Pepsi
          Holiday Cocktail
          Holiday Crush
          Holiday Hangover
          Holland Martini
          Hollie Pocket
          Holly Berry
          Hollywood Martini
          Hollywood Nuts
          Holy Blue
          Holy Doodle
          Holy Tao
          Home Alone
          Home Alone #2
          Homestead Cocktail
          Homicidal Maniac
          Honey Bee Cocktail
          Honey Bunny
          Honey Drop
          Honey Nuts
          Honeydew Martini
          Hong Kong
          Hong Kong Fizz
          Hong Kong Smog
          Honolulu Cocktail
          Honolulu Cocktail #2
          Honolulu Cooler
          Honolulu Hammer
          Honolulu Juicer
          Honolulu Lulu
          Hook's Delight
          Hoosier Cocktail
          Hoot Mon Cocktail
          Hop On Pop
          Hop Skip and Go Naked
          Hopeless Case
          Horn of Plenty
          Hornless Unicorn
          Horny Melon
          Horny Monk
          Horny Schoolgirl
          Horny Shamrock
          Horny Toad
          Horny White Girl
          Horse and Rider
          Horse Feathers
          Horse's Neck with a Twist
          Hose Wallbanger
          Hoss's Holdup
          Hot Anal Sex
          Hot and Bothered
          Hot and Creamy
          Hot and Dirty Martini
          Hot and Spicy Men
          Hot Banana Action
          Hot Benefactor
          Hot Blah!
          Hot Brandy Flip
          Hot Brandy Toddy
          Hot Brick Toddy
          Hot Bull
          Hot Butter Scotch Toddy
          Hot Buttered Comfort
          Hot Buttered Jim
          Hot Buttered Mocha
          Hot Buttered Rum
          Hot Buttered Rum Batter #1 (Alcohol Optional)
          Hot Buttered Rum Batter #2 (Alcohol Optional)
          Hot Buttered Snow
          Hot Carl #2
          Hot Chick's Bike Seat
          Hot Choco Mora
          Hot Chocolate Almond
          Hot Chocolate Butternut
          Hot Chocolate Mint
          Hot Chocolate Sin
          Hot Cinnamon Roll
          Hot Coconut Coffee
          Hot College Chick
          Hot Damn Dew
          Hot Daring Dylan
          Hot Deck
          Hot Frenchman
          Hot Gin
          Hot Hopper
          Hot Irish
          Hot Irish #2
          Hot Jamaican
          Hot Land
          Hot Latina
          Hot Lava
          Hot Lesbian
          Hot M.M.M.
          Hot Mollifier
          Hot Mon
          Hot Orange
          Hot Pecker
          Hot Penny Rum
          Hot Peppermint Patty
          Hot Piper
          Hot Port Flip
          Hot Pussy #2
          Hot Rum
          Hot Rum Chocolate
          Hot Rum Toddy
          Hot Russian Christmas
          Hot Scotch Nightcap
          Hot Sex
          Hot Southern Night
          Hot Spicy Banana
          Hot Tea Toddy
          Hot Throbbing Banana
          Hot Tub
          Hot Whiskey
          Hot Whiskey Punch
          Hot Whiskey Toddy
          Hot Young Lady
          Hot Zultry Zoe
          Hot, Wet and Sticky
          Hotel California
          Hotel Sandra
          Houston Hurricane
          Howling Dingo
          Hpno Ade
          Hpno nana
          Hpnotiq and 7
          Hpnotiq Breeze
          Hpnotiq Breeze #2
          Hpnotiq Champagne
          Hpnotiq Gaze
          Hpnotiq Heaven
          Hpnotiq Long Island Ice Tea
          Hpnotiq Margarita
          Hpnotiq Martini
          Hpnotiq tini
          HPW Cocktail
          Hug the Toilet
          Hula Bob
          Hula Girl
          Hula Hoop
          Hula Hula
          Hula Hula Cocktail
          Hula Shake
          Humble Hippie Holiday
          Hummingbird #2
          Hunter Cocktail
          Huntington Special
          Huntress Cocktail
          Huntsman Cocktail
          Hurricane #2
          Hurricane Boston
          Hurricane Carolyne
          Hurricane Cocktail
          Hurricane Ethel
          Hurricane Hawaii
          Hurricane Patty
          Hurricane Sunrise
          Hyatt Club
          Hyped Up Mu
          Hyperactive Apple
          Hypno Fusion
          Hypno Sunburst
          Hypnotic Bawls
          Hypnotic Martini
          Hypnotic Martini #2
          Hypnotic Pussy
          Hypnotiq Breeze
          I Like To Drink
          Ice Bet
          Ice Blue Kamikaze
          Ice Bomb
          Ice Breaker
          Ice Breaker #2
          Ice Coffee
          Ice Cream Flip
          Ice Cream Float
          Ice Cream Genius
          Ice Cream Hogarth
          Ice Cream Schnapps
          Ice Crystals
          Ice House Highball
          Ice Pick
          Ice Storm
          Iceberg in Radioactive water
          Iceberg in Radioactive water #2
          Iced Captain
          Iced Coffee a l'Orange
          Iced Comfort
          Iced Fritter
          Iced Irish Coffee
          Iced Jack
          Iced Jim
          Iced Tea and Malibu
          Iced Tea Cocktail
          Iced Velvet
          Iced Wild Turkey Hill
          Ichabod Crane
          Icy Clean Martini
          Idaho Dimetapp
          IED (Improvised Explosive Device)
          Ignes Fatui
          Ike Turner Cocktail
          Il Magnifico
          Imitation Beer
          Impatient Virgin
          Imperial Cocktail
          Imperial House Bracer
          In and Out Martini
          In the Marketplace
          In the Sack
          Incider Cocktail
          Income Tax Cocktail
          Incredible Cocktail
          Incredible Crunkness
          Incredible Goose
          Incredible Heart
          Incredible Orange
          Incredible Shrek
          Indian Apple Martini
          Indian Summer Cocktail
          Indiana Jones Skull and Bones
          Indifferent Miss
          Indigo Girl
          Indispensable Martini
          Indy Melonade
          Inedible Cocktail
          Infuriated Plasma
          Ink Street
          Insane Asylum
          Instant Apple Pie
          Instant Death #2
          International Affair
          International Bar Fly
          International Cocktail
          International Jack
          International Stinger
          Intimate Encounter
          Inverted Pyramid Martini
          Inverted Traffic Light
          Invisible Man
          Ira Cocktail
          Irish Anti freeze
          Irish Blackthorn
          Irish C 4
          Irish Canadian
          Irish Cappuccino
          Irish Charlie
          Irish Chocolate
          Irish Chocolate Milk
          Irish Cocktail
          Irish Coconut
          Irish Cow
          Irish Cream #1
          Irish Cream Liqueur
          Irish Curdling Cow
          Irish Dream
          Irish Ending
          Irish Fix
          Irish French Kiss
          Irish Ghost
          Irish Griep
          Irish Hot Chocolate
          Irish Immigrant
          Irish Lady
          Irish Martini
          Irish Milk Punch
          Irish Mudslide
          Irish Orange
          Irish Orgasm
          Irish Paddy
          Irish Parrot
          Irish Pinata
          Irish Quaalude
          Irish Redhead
          Irish Rider
          Irish Rose
          Irish Shake
          Irish Shillelagh
          Irish Slide
          Irish Tea
          Irish Trash Can
          Irish Twist
          Irish Vanilla Coffee
          Irish Wake
          Irish Whip
          Irish Whiskey Cocktail
          Irish Whiskey Highball
          Iron Bar Sling
          Iron Hindu
          Is Paris Burning
          Island Affair
          Island Breeze
          Island Breeze #2
          Island Delight
          Island Dew
          Island Doctor
          Island Donkey
          Island Girl
          Island Jack
          Island Jim
          Island Martini
          Island Murder
          Island Punch
          Island Remix
          Island Rose
          Island Tide
          Island Toy
          Island Trader
          Isle of Pines
          Italian Apple Martini
          Italian Bulldog
          Italian Cadillac
          Italian Colada
          Italian Crown
          Italian Dream
          Italian Greyhound
          Italian Ice #2
          Italian Margarita
          Italian Nut
          Italian Passion
          Italian Samurai
          Italian Screwdriver
          Italian Stallion #2
          Italian Stinger
          Italian Sunrise
          Italian Sunrise #2
          Italian Surfer
          Italian Tickler
          It's Not That Bad...
          Ivan's Holiday
          J C
          J Pop Idol
          J. R.'s Dallas Martini
          Jack & Ginger
          Jack and Cherries
          Jack and Cherry Coke
          Jack and Coke
          Jack and Dewanne
          Jack and Ginger
          Jack and The Dr.
          Jack Bauer
          Jack Brisk
          Jack Colada
          Jack D. My Passion
          Jack Gin
          Jack Hammer
          Jack Hammer #2
          Jack Honey Slushee
          Jack in the Green
          Jack in the Summer
          Jack Leg
          Jack London Martini
          Jack Me Off
          Jack Me Up
          Jack 'N' Berry Lemonade
          Jack n' Off
          Jack Off
          Jack Off #2
          Jack Pepper
          Jack Roberts' Treat
          Jack Rogers
          Jack Rose
          Jack Shit
          Jack Smasher
          Jack Sour
          Jack Sparrow
          Jack Sprite
          Jack Withers
          Jackalope Punch
          Jackie O's Rose
          Jack's Apple
          Jack's Bagpipe
          Jack's Jam
          Jack's Log Cabin
          Jackson Jack
          Jacobo's Melon Bomb
          Jacqueline Cocktail
          Jade #2
          Jade Isle
          Jade Martini
          Jaded Dreams
          Jaffa #2
          Jaffa Schnapps
          Jager and Dew
          Jagger's Satisfaction
          Jai Ma Kali
          Jake Cocktail
          Jake Knife
          Jake White Special
          Jake's Bloody Mary
          Jamaica Cooler
          Jamaica Fever
          Jamaica Ginger
          Jamaica Granito
          Jamaica Sour
          Jamaica Sunday
          Jamaican 10 Speed
          Jamaican Apricot
          Jamaican Bahama Mama
          Jamaican Blues
          Jamaican Bum
          Jamaican Cocktail
          Jamaican Coke
          Jamaican Collins
          Jamaican Crawler
          Jamaican Creamsicle
          Jamaican Crow
          Jamaican Fizz
          Jamaican Foam
          Jamaican Green Sunrise
          Jamaican Hop
          Jamaican Hurricane
          Jamaican Iced Tea
          Jamaican Lifesaver
          Jamaican Martini
          Jamaican Me Crazy
          Jamaican Milk Shake
          Jamaican Punch
          Jamaican Rebel
          Jamaican Reindeer
          Jamaican Rum Bamboozle
          Jamaican Rum Cocktail
          Jamaican Rum Ginger Zinger
          Jamaican Rumshaker
          Jamaican Spirit
          Jamaican Sunrise
          Jamaican Sunrise #2
          Jamaican Sunset #2
          Jamaican Tennis Beads
          Jamaican Twist
          Jamaican Wind
          Jamaican Yo Yo
          James Bond
          James Bond in Havana
          James Bond Martini
          James Bond Martini #2
          James Bond Sprite
          James D
          James' Jungle Juice
          Jamie's Dream
          Jamie's Martini
          Jan Juice
          Janet Standard
          Janner in Mexico
          Janne's Summernight
          Japaneese slipper
          Japanese Cobbler
          Japanese Cocktail
          Japanese Jack
          Japanese Jim
          Japanese Lagoon
          Japanese Sex
          Japanese Sex Slick Style
          Japanese Slipper
          Japanese Slipper #1
          Japanese Slipper #2
          Jared's Concoction
          Jason Ball
          Jason Voorhies
          Java Cooler
          Java Jam
          Javanese Sunrise
          Jay Leno
          JB Black and Pepsi
          JC Slammer
          JD's Private Beach
          Jealous Queen
          Jean Gabin
          Jean Lafitte
          Jeannie in a Bottle
          Jeannie's Dream
          Jedamski's Tropical Orgasm
          Jedi Cocktail
          Jedi Juice
          JEE Sweet
          Jeepers Creepers
          Jeff Boxies
          Jeff Tracy
          Jei Pi Em
          Jell O Margarita
          Jelly Donut
          Jennifer's Junebug
          Jennifer's Kiss
          Jenny Great
          Jenny's Banana Pudding
          Jenny's Summer Delight
          Jeremy Perkins
          Jerez Cocktail
          Jericho's Breeze
          Jersey Cherry
          Jersey Gentleman
          Jersey Girl
          Jersey KRowe
          Jersey Lemonade
          Jersey Thunder
          Jersey Toddy
          Jessica Cocktail
          Jessica's Juice
          Jewish Bulldozer
          Jillian's Yankee
          Jim and the Doctor
          Jim Barqs
          Jim Beam and Coke
          Jim Beam and Ginger
          Jim Beam's Clermont Lemonade
          Jim Carrey
          Jim Cox
          Jim Frost
          Jim Kroener
          Jim Pepper
          Jim Rogers
          Jimi On Acid
          Jimmy.A Special
          Jimmy's Heaven
          Jimmy's Jetplane
          Jim's Cream
          Jim's Nuts
          Jim's Special
          Jim's Wild Cherries
          JMO Sling
          Jo Jo Cool Aid
          Jo Jo Superspy
          Joan Miro
          Jock Strap
          Jockey Club
          Jockey's Choice Manhattan
          Joe Cassano
          Joe's Cash Money
          Joe's Orange Highball
          Jogging on the Beach
          John Cooper Deluxe
          John Daly
          John Deer
          John Grisham
          John McKinnon's Promise
          John Rocker
          John Stalker
          Johnny Bravo
          Johnny Cat
          Johnny Come Lately
          Johnny K8
          Johnny Loftus
          Johnny on the Spot
          Johnny Puke
          Johnny Rev
          Johnny's Love Juice
          John's Delight
          Johnson Cocktail
          Jojo and Alex Special
          Joliet Jake
          Jolly Dew
          Jolly Good Zen
          Jolly Homo
          Jolly Jumper
          Jolly on the Rocks
          Jolly Rancher Rita
          Jolly Roger
          Jolly Vodka
          Jolly Zima
          Jon Jon
          Jon Lee Hooker
          Jona's Special
          Jonathan Strange
          Jones Juice
          Jonny Love Juice
          Jon's Rum 'n Coke
          Jordan's Blue Razz Buzz
          Jordan's Cherry Coke
          Jose and Ginger
          Jose Green Slush
          Josephina's Watermelon Crawl
          Joy Juice
          Joy Jumper
          Joyce of Hillhouse
          J's Tropical Orgasm (JTO)
          JT Delight
          Juan Blue
          Juan More
          Juanita's Cadillac Delight
          Juanita's Delight
          Juanita's Gold Delight
          Jubilee on the Square
          Judge Jr.
          Jufu Cocktail
          Jug Wobbler
          Jugtown Classic
          Juicy Cocktail
          Juicy DJ
          Juicy Fruit
          Juicy Fruit #2
          Juicy Fruit Remix
          Juicy Lucy
          Juicy Pussy
          Julian's Midori
          Julius Special
          July Passion
          Jumping Bean
          June Sparkle
          Jungle Boogie
          Jungle Coffee
          Jungle Flame
          Jungle Frost
          Jungle Jim
          Jungle Jizz
          Jungle Milk
          Jungle Power
          Jungle Spice
          Jungle Wild
          Junior Mint Iced
          Juniper Blend
          Jupiter Cocktail
          Just What the Doctor Ordered
          K 12
          K Dawg's Apple Pie
          K Snap
          K Town Cherry Cola
          Ka boom
          Kaali's Envy
          Kab z Vanilla
          Kahlua Butterball
          Kahlua Cobweb
          Kahlua Cognac
          Kahlua Cookie
          Kahlua Cream Soda
          Kahlua Earthquake
          Kahlua Egg Cream
          Kahlua Frost
          Kahlua Hot Chocolate
          Kahlua Kiss
          Kahlua Madness
          Kahlua Martini
          Kahlua Mocha Milkshake
          Kahlua Mudslide
          Kahlua Peppermint Pattie
          Kahlua Sour
          Kahlua Toreador
          Kai agra
          Kai's Drunken Love
          Kaiser's Jest
          Kak in the Eye
          Kali Fury
          Kalte Muschi
          Kama Sutra
          Kamakazie Razzberry
          Kamikaze Margarita
          Kamikaze on the Rag
          Kamikaze Version
          Kamora & Coffee
          Kamora and Cream
          Kamora Cocoa Dream
          Kamora Coffee Italiano
          Kamora Coffee Nut
          Kamora Copper
          Kamora Hot Apple Cider
          Kamora Mexican Coffee
          Kamora Quencher
          Kamora Rich Rewards
          Kamora Satin Tango
          Kamora Spanish Coffee
          Kamora Sunrise Splash
          Kamora Tootsie Roll
          Kamora Vanilla Shake
          Kampai Cocktail
          Kanapeas Kick
          Kangaroo Kicker
          Kansas City Ice Water
          Kansas City Ice Water #2
          Kappa Colada
          Karamozov Koffee
          Karen Koolatta
          Karen's Melons
          Karl Malden
          Karma Killer
          Kathy's Concoction
          Kaytee Cocktail
          Kazkar Kocktail
          KC Rum
          Keenan & Kel
          Keep it Up
          Kelly K
          Kenai Campfire
          Kentucky Appleseed
          Kentucky Blizzard
          Kentucky Classic
          Kentucky Cocktail
          Kentucky Cooler
          Kentucky Crack
          Kentucky Gentleman Top Hat
          Kentucky Hot Chocolate
          Kentucky Kernel
          Kentucky Mango
          Kentucky Mint
          Kentucky Orange Blossom
          Kentucky Swampwater
          Kentucky Tavern Barstool
          Kentucky Waterfall
          Kentucky Wildcat
          Kentucky Wilddog
          Kerry Cappuccino
          Kerry Cooler
          Kerry Jo
          Kevin on the Floor
          Key Largo OJ
          Key Lime Cosmo
          Key Lime Martini
          Key Lime Martini #2
          Key Lime Pie Martini
          Key Lime Pie Martini #2
          Key Lime Pie Martini \43\""
          Key Lime Quencher
          Key Punch
          Key West Cooler
          Key West Key Lime Pie Martini
          Key West Screwdriver
          Key West Song
          Key Westtini
          Kick in the Balls
          Kick In The Glass
          Kick Your Ass Dirty Martini
          Kicking Cow
          Kid Curry
          Kiev Sundae
          Kiki Tiki
          Kill Bill
          Kill 'em with Kindness
          Kill Me Now Kahlua
          Killer Chronic
          Killer Ice Tea with Orange
          Killer Kool Aid
          Killer Kool Aid (Canada)
          Killer Kool Aid (Rhode Island)
          Killer Koolade
          Killer Koolaid
          Killer Kyle
          Killer Margarita
          Killer Rita
          Killer Vacation
          Kilted Yak
          Kim Berry
          Kim Special
          Kim's Cherry
          Kinda Tasty
          King Alfonse
          King Alphonse
          King Burro
          King James II
          King Kamehameha
          King Kenneth
          King Kong
          King of Kingston
          King of Krunk's Juice
          King of Noble
          King Olaf
          King Peach
          Kingdom Come
          King's Peg
          King's Ruin
          Kinky Orgasm
          Kinky Russian
          Kinky Sex
          Kinky Slinky
          Kir Martini
          Kirkhouse Klassic
          Kirsch and Cassis
          Kirsch Cuba Libre
          Kis Kesay
          Kismet Hardy
          Kiss and Tell
          Kiss Class
          Kiss From Rudy
          Kiss in the Dark
          Kiss Me Slow
          Kiss Off
          Kiss on the Lips
          Kiss on the Lips #2
          Kiss the Boys Goodbye
          Kiss Your Mother
          Kist from Jim
          Kitchen Sink
          kitchen sink martini
          Kitten Cuddler
          Kitty Nectar
          Kiwi & Lime Caipirinha
          Kiwi Berry Boat Drink
          Kiwi Casa
          Kiwi Sparkle
          Klingon Battlejuice
          Klingon Koffee
          Knickerbein Cocktail
          Knickerbocker Knocker
          Knickerbocker Martini
          Knickerbocker Special
          Knock Out
          Knockout Cocktail
          Knoxville Lemonade
          Koala Bear
          Kodi Odie
          Kodiak Sled Dog
          Kokomo Joe
          Kon Tiki
          Kona Village Mai Tai
          Kooky Boa
          Kordulas Special
          Korean Karbomb
          Kraut Killer
          Krazy Carl
          Kristi GreenEye
          Kristina Cocktail
          Kronik Margarita
          Krook's Quencher
          Krunk Kitty
          Kryptonite #2
          Kula for Shula
          Kung Fu
          Kung Fu Kicker
          Kuni's Helper
          Kurant Affair
          KY Special
          Kyle Julius
          L.A. Cocktail
          L.A. Sunrise
          L.A. Sunset
          L.A. Water
          La Bang Bang
          La Bella Blu'z
          La Belle Quebec
          La Bomba Negra
          La Brea Tar Pit
          La Cafe
          La Carre
          La Charentaise
          La Cucharacha
          La Floridita Cocktail
          La Floridita Daiquiri
          La Mojita
          La Panthere Rose
          La Paz
          La Pussy
          La Rosa
          La Tamarinda
          La Tigre
          La Vida Loca
          LA Water
          Lack Affection
          Ladies Cocktail #2
          Ladies Night
          Ladies Sidecar
          Lady 52
          Lady Cello
          Lady Evelyn
          Lady Godiva
          Lady in Green
          Lady Killer
          Lady L
          Lady Liberty in a Thong
          Lady Luck
          Lady Madonna
          Lady Marmalade
          Lady Scarlett
          Lady's Cocktail
          Lady's Mango
          Laffy Taffy
          Lake Breeze
          Lake Chatuge
          Lake George Iced Tea
          Lake Quinault Summer Margarita
          Lakeside Lemonade
          Lallah Rookh
          Land Shark
          Lara Croft
          Larry's Potion
          Las Vegas
          Last Chance
          Last Goodbye
          Last Round
          Late Mistral
          Late Night Soundtrack
          Latham's Rule
          Latin Dream
          Latin Knocker
          Latin Lover
          Laugh a Minute
          Laughing at the Waves
          Lauren's Razzle Dazzle
          Laurie Goes Hawaiian
          Lava Flow
          Lavendar Lushmaker
          Lavender Lady
          Lavender Mist
          Lawn Bowler
          Laze on the Deck
          Lazy Afternoon
          Lazy Daze
          Lazy Haze
          Lazy Lover
          Lazy Luau
          Le 333
          Le Grand Sunset
          Le Margarita des Artistes
          Le Perroquet
          Le Saintongeais
          Leadville Hot Chocolate
          Leah's Piece of Ass
          Leaky Buttery Nipple
          Leamos' Mai Tai
          Leap Frog
          Leap Year
          Leave It To Me
          Leaving Las Vegas
          Lebanese Snow
          Leeds Rainbow
          Left Handed Screwdriver
          Leg Opener
          Legends of the Fall
          Legspreader #2
          Lei Lani
          Lemmings Leap
          Lemon Blitz
          Lemon Daisy
          Lemon Drop Champagne
          Lemon Drop Extraordinaire
          Lemon Drop Fusion
          Lemon Drop Martini
          Lemon Drop Martini #2
          Lemon Fizz
          Lemon Grass
          Lemon Highlander
          Lemon Icetini
          Lemon Joe
          Lemon Kamikaze
          Lemon Lady
          Lemon Lift
          Lemon Lord
          Lemon Meringue
          Lemon Mint
          Lemon Rum
          Lemon Sherry Cocktail
          Lemon Splash Martini
          Lemon Tree
          Lemon Twist
          Lemon Twister
          Lemon Vodka Gimlet
          Lemonade Lush
          Lemonberry Twist
          Lemony Snicket's
          Lemony Summer
          Lennart #2
          Leo Special
          Leo the Lion
          Leprechaun #2
          Leprechaun Bomb
          Leprechaun Taint
          Leprechaun's Delight
          Leprechaun's Libation
          Leprechaun's Lunch
          Lesbian Joy
          Lesbian Slumber Party
          Lethal Injection
          Lethal Lemonade
          Lethe Water
          Lexington Lemonade
          Liam's Lucky Charm
          Liberty Blue Champagne
          Liberty Cocktail
          Lick and a Promise
          Lick Me Silly
          Lick out a Sheep
          Licking Lisa
          Licorice Mist
          Licorice Stick
          Licorice Twist
          Licorice Vyos
          Licorice Whip
          Life Is Good
          Light Flow
          Lightning Lemonade
          Lightning Rod
          Lil' Buddy
          Lil' Lady
          Lillet Cocktail
          Lillet Noyaux
          Lilly Pad
          Lily Martini
          Lime Avenger
          Lime Chiver
          Lime Chu Hai
          Lime Giant
          Lime Green Bullfrog
          Lime Green Sensation
          Lime Lambada
          Lime Lighter
          Lime Passion
          Lime Rickey
          Lime So Wasted
          Lime Stripper
          Limestone Cocktail
          Limey Cocktail
          Limon and Ginger
          Limon Collins
          Limon Delight
          Limon Skyy
          Limon Spritzer
          Limon Squeeze
          Limon Sunrise
          Lincolnshire Fields Lemonade (...
          Lindsey's Night Cap
          Linux Cocktail
          Lion Tamer
          Lion Tamer #2
          Lipstick Cocktail
          Liqiud Mintaero
          Liquid Babysitter
          Liquid Bakewell Tart
          Liquid Big Red
          Liquid Bomb
          Liquid Candycane
          Liquid Caramel
          Liquid Cocaine \Top Shelf\""
          Liquid Cocaine 8 Ball
          Liquid Coffee
          Liquid Colada
          Liquid Coma
          Liquid Crystal
          Liquid Desert
          Liquid Ecstasy
          Liquid Electroshock
          Liquid Gold
          Liquid Herpes
          Liquid Kryptonite
          Liquid Leg Spreader
          Liquid Lite
          Liquid Love
          Liquid Marijuana
          Liquid Nerds
          Liquid Nitrogen
          Liquid Panty Dropper
          Liquid Panty Remover #2
          Liquid Screw
          Liquid Skittles
          Liquid Temptation
          Liquid Uranium
          Liquid Valium
          Liquid Watermelon
          Lisa Cocktail
          Lisa's Rooted Beer Float
          Lisa's Special
          Lisa's Tease
          Lithium Motherf@$ker
          Litnos' Lemonade
          Little Bastard
          Little Bigman
          Little Devil
          Little Eva
          Little Green Men
          Little Red Corvette
          Little Red Riding Hood
          Little Rocket
          Little White Lie
          Little, Yellow, Different
          Lizard Liver
          Liz's Lemonade
          Lizzy Sour
          Loaded Doctor
          Loch Ness Mystery
          Lockhart Zoo
          Loco Cocoa Mocha
          Loco Lemonade
          Loco Motion
          Loftus Special
          Log Cabin
          London Bus
          London Cocktail
          London Dock
          London Fog
          London Freeze
          London Iced Tea
          London Kamikaze
          Lone Wolf
          Lonely Night
          Long Beach Cocktail
          Long Happiness
          Long Island Cocktail
          Long Island from Hell
          Long Island Fruit Punch
          Long Island Iced Tea
          Long Island Iced Tea Premium
          Long Island Pucker
          Long Island Raspberry Iced Tea
          Long Island Taxi
          Long Island Tears
          Long Kiss Goodnight Martini
          Long Light
          Long River Tea
          Long Sigh
          Long Slow Comfortable Screw Against the Wall
          Long Tall Cowboy
          Long Walk off a Short Pier
          Look Out Below
          Loon Fart
          Loopy Juice
          Loose Caboose
          Lorraine Cocktail
          Lorraine's Delight
          Los Cabos Clout
          Los Tios
          Lost Bikini
          Lost Cherry
          Lost In Space Martini
          Louisiana Lullaby
          Louisiana Well Water
          Louisville Cooler
          Louisville Lady
          Louisville Slugger
          Lounge Lizard
          Love Assounta
          Love Birds
          Love Bite
          Love Byte
          Love Cocktail
          Love Daisy
          Love in a Glass
          Love in an Elevator
          Love in the Afternoon
          Love Juice
          Love Juice #2
          Love Me Tender
          Love me Tender
          Love Wrench
          Lovegin 'n Juice
          Lovegoat's Crazy Hawaiian Punch
          Lovely Lauren
          Lovely Wife
          Lover's Cocktail
          Lover's Kiss
          Lover's Kiss #2
          Lover's Moon
          Lover's Nocturne
          Low Lattitude Lust
          Low Tide Martini
          Lu Lu's Velvet Cream Cocktail
          Lucifers Tears
          Lucky Double
          Lucky Driver (Alcohol Optional)
          Lucky Lemon
          Lucky Lyndi
          Lucky Stiff
          Lumpy Lime
          Lunar Eclipse
          Lunar Landing
          Lunchbox Lemonade
          Luquinio Beach
          Luscious Butta
          Luscious Leslie
          Luscious Lou
          Lust for Life
          Luxor Boom Boom
          Lychee Caipiroska
          Lychee Cooler
          Lychee Love
          Lychee Martini
          Lychee Nut Cocktail
          Lying with the Tigress
          Lynchburg Beer
          Lynchburg Mine Explosion
          Lynna's Gingerbread Man
          Lynyrd Skynyrd
          Ma' Bonnie Wee Hen
          Mac Daddy
          Mac Dawg
          Macarena Mist
          MacArthur Cocktail
          Macbeth #2
          Macbeth Cocktail
          Mach 6
          Machiavelli Pina Colada
          Machu Picchu
          Mackinnon Spice
          MacLaren F1
          Mad Bomber
          Mad Melon Cocktail
          Mad Russian
          Mad Scientist #2
          Madame Rene
          Madeira M'Dear
          Madison Avenue Cocktail
          MagFest Mule
          Maggie Girl
          Maggie May
          Maggie's Whiskey Sour
          Maggie's Yellow Skoda
          Magic Flute
          Magic Mountain Dew
          Magic Pixie
          Magic Spritzer
          Magic Star
          Magic Trick
          Magic Woman
          Magic's Tornado
          Magnolia #2
          Magnolia Blossom
          Magnolia Maiden
          Mai Tai #2
          Mai Tai Mai
          Mai Tai Original Recipe
          Mai Tai Swizzle
          Maiden's Dream
          Maiden's Kiss
          Maiden's Prayer #2
          Maier Special
          Mail Man's Daughter
          Major Bailey
          Major Bradbury
          Major Tom
          Make Believe
          Makers Mark Punch
          Maktak Special
          Malayan Gold
          Malaysian Pina Colada
          Malcolm Lowry
          Mali boo
          Mali P&S
          Malibu Barbie
          Malibu Barbie #2
          Malibu Bay Breeze
          Malibu Bomber
          Malibu Breeze
          Malibu Cherry
          Malibu Creme
          Malibu Delight
          Malibu Dew
          Malibu Express
          Malibu Fizz
          Malibu Fruit Juice
          Malibu Fun
          Malibu Heaven
          Malibu Hooter
          Malibu Italian Surfer
          Malibu Mojito
          Malibu Paradise
          Malibu Peach
          Malibu Punch
          Malibu Reggae Rainbow
          Malibu Rum Rusher
          Malibu Shoe
          Malibu Smash
          Malibu Snapper
          Malibu Stacey
          Malibu Summer Splash
          Malibu Sunset
          Malibu Surfer
          Malibu Tequichi
          Malibu Twist
          Malibu Twister
          Malibu Woo Woo
          Malibu Zinger
          Malibu Zombie
          Maltese Slipper
          Mama Mia
          Mama Mia #2
          Mama's Martini
          Mambo's Dream
          Mamie Taylor
          Mamie's Sister
          Man Boobs
          Man Bull
          Man in the Melon
          Man o' War
          Man Overboard
          Manana Iguana
          Mancran Cocktail
          Mandarin Daiquiri
          Mandarin Delight
          Mandarin Dream
          Mandarin Mojito
          Mandarin Split
          Mandarine Bourbon
          Mandarine Imperiale
          Mandarine Passion
          Mandarine Summertime
          Mandeville Polar
          Mandrin Cherry Smash
          Mandy Sea
          Mang Tini
          Mango & Lime Fiesta
          Mango Bellini
          Mango Champagne
          Mango Chimp
          Mango Cocktail
          Mango Colada
          Mango Daiquiri
          Mango Daiquiri #2
          Mango Margarita
          Mango Margarita #2
          Mango Marimba
          Mango Martini
          Mango Mixer
          Mango Mojito
          Mango Mosa
          Mango Sour Candy Apple
          Mango Sunrise
          Mango Tango
          Mango Tango #2
          Manhattan Bella
          Manhattan Cocktail
          Manhattan Dry
          Manhattan for Rome
          Manhattan Iced Tea
          Manhattan Perfect
          Manhattan Skyscraper
          Manhattan Sweet
          Manhattan Sweet #2
          Manila Flame
          Manila Frantini
          Manilla Gorilla
          Maple Leaf
          Maple's Antigel
          Maracuja Martini
          Maragato Special
          Maraschino Cherry
          Maraschino Collins
          Maraschino Gin
          Marbella Sunset
          Marc Feldini
          March Madness On Crack
          Mardi Gras Flasher
          Margarita Cocktail
          Margarita Cocktail #2
          Margarita Lite
          Margarita's Cadillac Delight
          Margarita's Delight
          Margarita's Golden Delight
          Maria Mia
          Maria on the Beach
          Maria Rocker
          Marilyn Monroe
          Marilyn's Green Thing
          Mario Driver
          Maritime Martini
          Mark Twain Cocktail
          Marlene Dietrich
          Marmalade Highball
          Maroon Lipstick
          Marrakech Express
          Marryat's Mint Julep
          Martian Cherry
          Martian Martini
          Martian Sex Monster
          Martina Mandarina
          Martinez Cocktail
          Martini #2
          Martini (Dry) (5 to 1)
          Martini (Sweet)
          Martini (Traditional 2 to 1)
          Martini Bovine
          Martini Clementine
          Martini Cocktail
          Martini Dominikanis
          Martini Milano
          Martini Navratilova
          Martini, Patton
          Marvin The Martian
          Mary Elizabeth Wagoner
          Mary Garden Cocktail
          Mary Pickford Cocktail
          Mary Poppins
          Mary's Delight
          Maryville Sweet
          Marzo Madness
          Masculating Madness
          Mashed Kermit
          Master and Commander
          Masturbating Butterfly
          Matador Cocktail
          Matrix's Blue Pill
          Matti Nyknen
          Matt's Tropical Punch
          Maui Breeze
          Maui Cocktail
          Maui Eruption
          Maui Fizz
          Maui Twist
          Maureen's Dream
          Maurice Chevalier
          Maurice Cocktail
          Maviagator Cocktail
          Max Cocktail
          Maxi Pad
          Mayan Chocolate
          Mayan O'Brien
          Mayan Whore
          Mayflower Cocktail
          Mayflower Martini
          Mayor Billy
          MC Martini
          McGuire's Fuzzy Irishman
          McRita Cocktail
          McWhiskey Sour
          MDW's Buffalo Call
          Meadowlark Lemon
          Mean Green Love Making Machine
          Mean Machine
          Medusa Punch
          Mega Mixer
          Melanie Pimm
          Mello Goose
          Melloer Yello
          Mellon Collie and The Infinite Gladness
          Mellow Hiker
          Mellow Tennessee
          Mellow Yellow
          Melon Ball
          Melon Breeze
          Melon Colada
          Melon Cooler
          Melon Daiquiri
          Melon Fever
          Melon Island
          Melon Kamikaze
          Melon Lime Daiquiri
          Melon Madness
          Melon Man
          Melon Margarita #2
          Melon Martini
          Melon Pants
          Melon Patch
          Melon Rudder
          Melon Sour
          Melon Spritz
          Melon Starburst
          Melon Tonic
          Melon Tree
          Melonade #2
          Melonball (Spanish Style)
          Meloncholy Baby
          Mel's Summersault
          Mel's Swing
          Melty Snowman
          Memory Loss
          Menday's Peril
          Menstrual Cycle
          Merlin's Love Potion
          Merlins Monkey
          Merry Widow #2
          Merry Widow Cocktail
          Mess You Up
          Metropolis #2
          Metropolitan #2
          Mexican Beesting
          Mexican Bike Race
          Mexican Bliss
          Mexican Blonde
          Mexican Cherry Bomb
          Mexican Chocolate
          Mexican Chocolate Martini
          Mexican Colada
          Mexican Dew
          Mexican Dream
          Mexican F@$k
          Mexican Grasshopper
          Mexican Hot Chocolate
          Mexican Iceberg
          Mexican Kelman
          Mexican Martini
          Mexican Martini #2
          Mexican Midget
          Mexican Missile Sunrise
          Mexican Mocha
          Mexican Mountain
          Mexican Mountie
          Mexican Riptide
          Mexican Roots
          Mexican Sangrita
          Mexican Screw
          Mexican Sexy Lemonade
          Mexican Skirt
          Mexican Strawberry
          Mexican Sunset
          Mexican Surfer
          Mexican Trailer Park
          Mexican Wife Beater
          Mexican's Revenge
          Mexitalian Martini
          Miami Beach
          Miami Cocktail
          Miami Hurricane
          Miami Ice
          Miami Iced Tea
          Miami Meloni
          Miami Sunset
          Miami Vice
          Michael Angelo
          Michael Moros Detroit Boy
          Michelle's Indigo
          Mickey's Fin
          Mid Summer Tea
          Midas' Touch
          Midland Mayham
          Midnight Cocktail
          Midnight Express
          Midnight Kiss
          Midnight Liaison
          Midnight Martini
          Midnight Martini #2
          Midnight Mint
          Midnight Samurai
          Midnight Sun
          Midnight's White Whisker
          Midori 2000
          Midori Alexander
          Midori Champagne
          Midori Chan
          Midori Cocktail
          Midori Colada
          Midori Dream
          Midori Ecstacy
          Midori Firecracker
          Midori Green Russian
          Midori Hack
          Midori Illusion
          Midori Madness
          Midori Mai Tai
          Midori Martini
          Midori Mimosa
          Midori Pearl Diver
          Midori Sour
          Midori Sour Ultra
          Midori Splice
          Midori Sun
          Midtwinkle Martini
          Midweek Tweak
          Mig Cocktail
          Mike & Steve's Martini
          Mike Davis
          Mike Hoffman's Manhattan
          Mike's Bloody Mary
          Mike's Chocolate Orange
          Mike's Cosmopolitan
          Mike's Long Beach
          Mike's Red Menace
          Mike's Special
          Mikey's Breakfast Banger
          Mikey's Grape Drink
          Mikhail's Martini
          Milano Cocktail
          Mile Highball
          Milk 'n' Cookies
          Milk of Amnesia
          Milk Punch
          Milk Stiffy
          Milk Tooth
          Milkshake Cocktail
          Milky Way Galaxy
          Milky Way Martini
          Millennium Cocktail
          Millennium Knockout
          Miller's Killer Cocktail
          Milli Vanilli
          Mimosa Moon
          Minas Morgul
          Mind Bender
          Mind Bomb
          Mind Probe
          Mind Slicer
          Minerstown Sling
          Minerva McGonagall
          Ming Tran
          Minnesota Slammer
          Mint Chip
          Mint Chip Ice Cream
          Mint Chocolate Chip
          Mint Chocolate Chip #2
          Mint Chocolate Dream
          Mint Chocolate Milk
          Mint Cocoa Mocha
          Mint Condition
          Mint Daiquiri
          Mint Highball
          Mint Julep
          Mint Martini
          Mint Russian
          Mint Tingle
          Mint Vacation Treat
          Mints Quick
          Minty Crotch
          Miss Daniels Martini
          Miss Kitty
          Miss Money Penny
          Miss Pastore
          Miss Tina
          Miss V
          Miss Zoe's Hello Kitty
          Missile Rider
          Missile Stopper
          Mission Accomplished
          Mississippi Magic
          Mississippi Mud
          Mississippi Mud Pie
          Missouri Rattlesnake
          Mist and Cola
          Mist Cream
          Mist Iced Tea
          Mister Pibb
          Mistletoe Martini
          Misty Breeze
          Misty Loch
          Mitch's Jim Beam Drink
          Moana Sands
          Mob Witnesses
          Mocha Blanca Martini
          Mocha Flip
          Mocha Martini
          Mocha Nut
          Mochachino Martini
          MoCo Melon
          Model United Nations
          Mofo Cocktail
          Mojito #2
          Mojito Diablo
          Mojito Martini
          Mojito Nihongo
          Mojito Tampa
          Mojo Jojo
          Mojo's Suntan Lotion
          Molehill Lounger
          Moles Juice
          Molester Cocktail
          Moll Flanders Cocktail
          Molokai Mike
          Moment Brutale
          Mom's Breakfast
          Mon Amour
          Mona Cocktail
          Monastery Cocktail
          Monday Cocktail
          Mongolian Dingbat
          Monk Cocktail
          Monk Special
          Monkey Doo
          Monkey Gland
          Monkey Gland #2
          Monkey in a tree
          Monkey La La
          Monkey Madness
          Monkey Tree
          Monkey's Dessert
          Monkey's Heaven
          Monkey's Lunch
          Monkey's Nuts
          Monk's Martini
          Monk's Rope Coffee
          Monongahela Cobbler
          Monster Mash
          Monster Piss
          Monsters Ball
          Mont Blanc
          Montana Smoothie
          Montana Sunrise
          Monte Carlo Imperial
          Monte Sano
          Monte's Sex Potion
          Moo Moo Land
          MOO salini
          Moocow's Brown Cow
          Moog Patrol Swisher
          Mooing Irish Pepsi
          Moon Inn Cocktail
          Moon Light
          Moon River
          Moonlight Drive
          Moose Martini
          Moran O' Sweet
          More Sunshine
          Morgan Madras
          Morgan Melon
          Morgans Passion
          Morir Sonando
          Morley's Driver
          Mormon Surprise
          Morning After
          Morning Cocktail
          Morning Glory Cocktail
          Morning Glory Fizz #2
          Morning Junkie Monkey
          Morning with the Leprechauns
          Morning Wood
          Mo's Beach Drink
          Moscow Bobsled
          Moscow Chill
          Mother Cocktail
          Mother F@$ked Up
          Mother F@$king Ape
          Mother Puckin Goose
          Mott Street Manhattan
          Moulin Rouge
          Moulin Rouge Cocktail
          Mounds Martini
          Mount Chocolate
          Mount Fuji
          Mount Fuji #2
          Mount Tullamore's Dew
          Mountain Berry Cooler
          Mountain Berry Punch
          Mountain Blue
          Mountain Breeze
          Mountain Creek (Fjell Bekk)
          Mountain Dew Me
          Mountain Dew X
          Mountain Don't
          Mountain Jack
          Mountain Melon
          Mountain Stream
          Mountain with a Punch
          Mouse Trap
          Moya Piekna
          Mozart 142
          Mozart Chocolate Liqueur
          Mozart Cocktail
          Mozart Cola
          Mozart Esprit
          Mozart Milkshake
          Mozart Mint
          Mozart Orange
          Mozart Sonatine
          Mr. Gerbik
          Mr. Insaneo The Cow
          Mr. Jetson
          Mr. Jones Pucker
          Mr. Manhattan Cocktail
          Mr. New Yorker
          Mr. P
          Mr. Stumpfy
          Mrs. Taylors
          Mt. Jack
          Much Fuss for the Conquering Hero
          Mud and Blood
          Mud F@$k
          Mud Island Tea
          Mud Puddle
          Mud Slide
          Muddy Madagascar
          Muddy River
          Muddy Rose
          Muddy Water
          Muff Rider
          Mug Shot
          Mulatto Russian
          Mulch Muncher
          Mule's Hind Leg
          Mulled Claret
          Mulled Port
          Mulled Red Wine
          Multi Colored Smurf
          Multi coloured Smurf
          Multiple Orgasm
          Mumbai Bombshell
          Murder in the Forest
          Murder of Crows
          Murray's Cocktail
          Muscovy Martini
          Mustang Ranch Freebie
          Mustique Whammy
          My Antonella
          My Blue Heaven
          My Dear Aunt Ruby
          My Malibu Delight
          My Own Worst Enemy
          My Place or No Place
          My Pleasure
          My Sweet Midori
          My Sweet Red Lips
          My Wife's Snatch
          Myrtle Bank Punch
          Myrtle Beach Breeze
          Myrtle Sunrise
          Mystery Date
          Nadir Blue
          Nadir Cocktail
          Nagshead Lemonade
          Nail Puller
          Naked Barbie
          Naked in the Bathtub
          Naked Lady
          Naked Pear
          Naked Pretzel
          Naked Sunburn
          Naked Twister
          Naked Waiter
          Nani's Aloha
          Nan's special
          Nantucket Cocktail
          Naple's Old Fashioned
          Napoleon on the Back
          Napoleon's Mexican Winter
          Nappy Rash
          Nassau Paul
          Nasty Cocktail
          National Cocktail
          Naughtios Anemos
          Naughty Boy
          Naughty Gnome
          Naughty Monkey
          Naughty Nick
          Naval Destroyer
          Navy Seal
          N'awlins Mudslide
          Nawlin's Po Boy
          Nazi Qualik
          Nazzy Baby
          Neato Bandito
          Nectar of the Gods
          Need For Speed
          Needle in Your Eye
          Negroni Cocktail
          Negroni Zimbabwe Style
          Nelson's Blood
          Nelson's Nightcap
          Neo Tropical
          Neon Cocktail
          Neon Fairy
          Neon Iguana
          Neon Neutron
          Neon Nightmare
          Neon Smurf
          Neon Tea
          Neon Tower
          Neopolitan Dream
          Neopolitan martini
          Nerds #2
          Nerve Agent
          Net surfer
          Network Special
          Neutered Purple Squirrel
          Neva Cocktail
          New Fashioned
          New Guinea
          New Hampshire Bulldog
          New Moon
          New Old Fashioned
          New Orleans Cocktail
          New Orleans Fizz
          New Orleans Hurricane
          New Orleans Martini
          New Orleans Sazerac
          New York City Model
          New York Cocktail
          New York Flip
          New York Lemonade
          New York Motherf@$ker
          New York Motherf@$ker #2
          New York Peppermint Patty Cock...
          New York Tiger
          New Yorker
          Newbury Cocktail
          Newport Punch
          Newtron Bomb
          Nham Zoom
          Niagara Falls
          Nice Melons
          Nichols' Flaming Cocktail
          Nick and Nora Martini
          Nick at Night
          Nick Dimon
          Nickel Alloy
          Nickel Fever
          Nick's Mountain Dew
          Nicky Finn
          Nicky's 1 a.m. Sunrise
          Nicky's Dry Jello
          Nicky's Kingpin
          Nicky's Lemonade
          Nicky's Primo
          Nicky's Red Devil
          Nicky's Sweet Tooth
          Nicole Simpson
          Night and Day
          Night Cap
          Night Light
          Night on Bourbon Street
          Night Rider
          Night Skies Over London
          Night Stalker
          Nightboat to Brasil
          Nightboat to Brazil
          Nightboat to Recife
          Nightie Lifter
          Nijinski Blini
          Nikki Sixx
          Nilla Wafer
          Nilla Wafer Martini
          Nina's Special
          Nineteenth Hole
          Ninja Turtle
          Ninotchka Cocktail
          Nipples Malone
          Nitro Cocktail
          No Clue
          No F@$king Idea
          No Pressure
          No Problem
          No Way
          No Worries
          No. 4
          Noche de Phoof
          Nog De Cacao
          Norm the Niner
          Norman Porto Flip
          Normandy Cooler
          North Polar
          Northeastern Early Riser
          Northern Exposure
          Northern Lights
          Northern Sweet Tea
          Northside Special
          Norwegian Coffee
          Norwegian Iceberg
          Not Just Juice
          Not So Fuzzy Navel
          Now and Later
          NT Pucker Punch Fizz
          Nubian Queen
          Nuck'n Futs
          Nuclear Blue
          Nuclear Ice Tea
          Nuclear Kamikaze
          Nuclear Kool Aid
          Nuclear Mantis
          Nuclear Meltdown
          Nuclear Powered Zombie
          Nuclear Slush
          Nuclear Smoothie
          Nuclear Waste
          Nuclear Zima
          Nude Ell Cocktail
          Nut Buster
          Nut Case
          Nut Crusher
          Nut Sauce
          Nut Twister
          Nutcracker #2
          Nuts and Berries
          Nuts and Cream
          Nuts Banane
          Nutty Angel
          Nutty Bartender
          Nutty Belgian
          Nutty Bitch
          Nutty Buddy Martini
          Nutty Club
          Nutty Colada
          Nutty Italian
          Nutty Martini
          Nutty Nipple
          Nutty Tini
          Nutz in a Blender
          NYC Car Bomb
          Nypaver's Black Sherbert
          O & Cranberry
          O & Cream
          O & Tonic
          O Captain! My Captain!
          O Circle Martini
          O Cosmopolitan
          O Look Martini Cocktail
          O Madras
          O Martini Cocktail
          O My Martini
          O n Coke
          O Thing
          O.J. Comfort
          Oakland Cocktail
          Oasis #2
          Oatmeal Cookie #2
          Oatmeal Cookie and Hot Chocolate
          Obama Mama
          OC Margarita
          Occhi Blu
          Ocean Breeze
          Ocean Breeze #2
          Ocean Drive
          Ocean Spray Monkey Drink
          Ocean Water
          Ocean's Spray
          October 27th
          Octopus's Garden
          Odin's Juice
          Of Darkness
          Officer Down
          Ogden Style
          Ogre Piss
          Oh My God
          Ohio Bulldog
          Ohio State Redeye
          Ohranj Blossom
          Ohranj Juice
          Ohranj Julius
          Ohranj Screwdriver
          Ojen Cocktail
          Oki Sun
          Okinawa Special
          Oklahoma Cooler
          Ol' Dirty Bastard
          Ola Homey!
          Olaffson's Punch
          Old 7's
          Old Bastard
          Old Country Martini
          Old Etonian
          Old Fashioned
          Old Fashioned (Sweet)
          Old Fashioned (Sweet) #2
          Old Fashioned Chocolate Coke
          Old Fashioned Cocktail
          Old Fashioned Manhattan
          Old Fashioned Rum and Coke
          Old Flame
          Old Groaner
          Old Groaner's Wife
          Old Lady
          Old Moorhen's Shredded Sporran
          Old Nick
          Old Pirate
          Old Rootbeer Float
          Old Sunkist
          Old Yeller
          Olive in an Olive
          Olive Martini
          Oliver's Green Diamond
          Olorosa Martini
          Omeed's Mom
          On the Deck
          On the Green
          On the Rag
          On the Square
          On the Town
          On the Town
          Once Upon a Time
          One Ball Left
          One Cock and Two Balls
          One Exciting Night
          One for the Bums
          One Fruity Tutti
          One Long Distance Operator
          One Night Stand
          One's Nitro
          Ooh La La Martini Cocktail
          Oooh Weee
          Op Smash
          Opaque Bloom
          Opening Night
          Operation Recoverer
          Oprah's Favorite Pomegranate M...
          Optimus Prime
          Oral Intruder
          Oral Invasion
          Oral Sex on the Beach
          Orancio Royal
          Orang A Tang
          Orange Beam
          Orange Bliss
          Orange Bloom
          Orange Blossom Special
          Orange Bomb
          Orange Breeze
          Orange Chocolate Martini
          Orange Climax
          Orange Coffee Cocktail
          Orange Comfort
          Orange County Crush
          Orange Cream
          Orange Cream Dream
          Orange Creamsicle
          Orange Creamsicle #2
          Orange Crunk Mix
          Orange Daiquiri
          Orange Daiquiri #2
          Orange Delight
          Orange Demon
          Orange Dream
          Orange Ed
          Orange F@$ker
          Orange Fizz
          Orange Flux
          Orange George
          Orange Hawaiian
          Orange Jeff
          Orange Kamikaze
          Orange Kiss
          Orange Kitty
          Orange Lion
          Orange Margarita
          Orange Martini
          Orange Monk
          Orange Oscar
          Orange Peach Plus
          Orange Popsicle
          Orange Push Up #2
          Orange Rita
          Orange Rumbler
          Orange Rush
          Orange Safari
          Orange Scorpion
          Orange Smartie
          Orange Smash
          Orange Smasha
          Orange Smooth
          Orange Soda
          Orange Soda Driver
          Orange Splash
          Orange Striptease
          Orange Surfboard
          Orange Swamp
          Orange Tic Tac
          Orange Tickle
          Orange Tiger
          Orange Tootsie Pop
          Orange Tree
          Orange Truffle Mocha
          Orange Venom
          Orangutan Cocktail
          Orchard Express
          Orchard Martini
          Orchard Orange
          Orchard Punch
          Orchid Cocktail
          Ordinary Seaman
          Oregon Special
          Oreo Speedwagon
          Organ Grinder
          Orgasm on the Beach
          Orginal 1912 Mint Julep
          Orient Express
          Oriental Peacock
          Original By the Pool
          Original Firecracker
          Original Liquid Cocaine
          Original Margarita
          Original Mulekicker
          Original Old Fashioned
          Original Sin
          Original Singapore Sling
          Original Zombie
          Orlando Amethyst
          Orlando Sun
          Orville's Gasm
          Osaka Dry
          Oscar Cocktail
          Oscar Pop
          Osh Kosh Besloshed
          Our Stanley
          Out of Africa
          Out of the Blue
          Over Board Mai Tai
          Over the Rainbow
          Over the Top
          Overcast Friday
          Owdham Edge
          Oxnas Temptation
          Oyster Bay
          Oz Dust
          Ozone #2
          P & P
          P.S.U. Victory Dance
          Pac Man
          Pacific Wet Dream
          Paco Mix
          Padas Battery
          Padas Passoa
          Paddy Cocktail
          Paddy's Girl
          Pain d'Epices
          Pain in the Ass
          Painting Pink
          Paisley Martini
          Pajama Jackhammer
          Pajama Jammy Jam
          Palais Royal
          Pall Mall Cocktail
          Pall Mall Martini
          Palm Beacher
          Palm Breeze
          Paloma #2
          Pamir Peach
          Pammy Kay
          Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
          Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster #2
          Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (Zaphod's)
          Panama City Gin 'n' Juice
          Panama Cocktail
          Panama Deluxe
          Panama Red
          Pansy Ass
          Panther Piss
          Panty Dropper #2
          Panty Remover
          Panty Remover #2
          Panty Ripper
          Panty Thief
          Papa Muminek
          Papa Smurf
          Papaw's Cider
          Papaya Driver
          Paradise #2
          Paradise Bliss
          Paradise Cafe
          Paradise Cola
          Paradise In April
          Paradise Peaches and Cream
          Paradise Punch
          Paradise Quencher
          Paraflu Cocktail
          Paralyzer #1
          Paralyzer #2
          Paris Cocktail
          Paris Hilton Cocktail
          Paris Opera
          Parisian Blond Cocktail
          Parisian Blonde
          Parisian Cocktail
          Parisian Cocktail #2
          Parisian Pousse Cafe
          Park Lane
          Park Paradise
          Parma Nova
          Parrot Bay Breeze
          Parrot Bay Mango Madras
          Parrot Bay Pinada
          Parrot Bay Sunset
          Parrot Cocktail
          Parrothead Martini
          Parry Punch
          Partida Margarita
          Partridge in a Pear Tree
          Party Boy
          Party Girl
          Party Gras
          Party Starter
          Pasquale's Rico Suave
          Passat #2
          Passion Cocktail
          Passion Colada
          Passion Lemonade
          Passion Margarita
          Passion Party Punch
          Passion Punch
          Passion Pussy
          Passion Willy
          Passion Zombie
          Passionate Affair
          Passionate Cosmo
          Passionate Kiss
          Passionate Mist
          Passionate Rita
          Passionate Screw
          Passionate Strap
          Passionate Sunset
          Passionate Toro
          Passionate Virgin
          Passoa 'n' Coke
          Passoa Orange
          Passoa Recovery
          Patel's Special
          Patria Colada
          Patrick's Bloody Mother
          Patriot Missile
          Patsy mix
          Patton Martini
          Patt's Tea
          Paul's Manhattan
          Pavlova Peach
          Pavlova Supreme
          Pawpaw Paradise
          Pea Soup
          Peaceful Treasure
          Peach Beseech
          Peach Blaster
          Peach Blossom
          Peach Blossom #2
          Peach Blossom Martini
          Peach Brandy Julep
          Peach Bullfrog
          Peach Cicel
          Peach Cider
          Peach Daiquiri
          Peach Daiquiri #2
          Peach Death
          Peach Delight
          Peach Grenade
          Peach Iced Tea
          Peach Kiss Martini
          Peach Long Island Iced Tea
          Peach Margarita
          Peach Martini
          Peach me Tender
          Peach Melba Freeze
          Peach Melissa
          Peach Mimosa
          Peach on the Beach
          Peach Panuchi
          Peach Poon
          Peach Puff Martini
          Peach Pussy
          Peach Sangaree
          Peach Shize
          Peach Tumbler
          Peach Up
          Peach Up Kiry
          Peach West Indies
          Peach with a Punch
          Peaches N' Dreams
          Peachtree Square
          Peachy Amaretto
          Peachy Blue
          Peachy Colada
          Peachy Dream
          Peachy Fuzzy
          Peachy Grace
          Peachy Green
          Peachy Keen
          Peachy Keen Martini
          Peachy Kristy
          Peachy Martini
          Peachy Pirate
          Peachy Screw
          Peachy Screw Gin Fizz
          Peachy Sunrise
          Peachy Tea
          Peacock's Tail
          Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
          Peanut Butter Cup
          Peanut Butter Cup #2
          Peanut Coffee Frenzy
          Pear Margarita
          Pear Martini
          Pearl Diver
          Pearl Diver #1
          Pearl Harbor
          Pearl Harbor #2
          Pearl Harbour Revisited
          Pearl Jam
          Pedro Collins
          Pee Wee Herman
          Peejon's Kiss
          Peep Show
          Peggy Martini
          Pellston Hottie
          Pelvic Crusher
          Penetrator IV
          Penguin's Surprise
          Penis Colarous
          Pep Up
          Pepe's Flame of Love Martini
          Pepito Lolito
          Pepper Eater
          Pepper Jack
          Pepper Manhattan
          Peppermint Cream
          Peppermint Hot Chocolate
          Peppermint Martini
          Peppermint Park
          Peppermint Penguin
          Peppermint Pleasure
          Peppermint Twist
          Pepsi Clear
          pepsi pleaser
          Percival's Sister
          Perfect Kiss
          Perfect Lady
          Perfect Lemon Drop Martini
          Perfect Manhattan
          Perfect Margarita
          Perfect Margarita #2
          Perfect Martini
          Perfect Parrot
          Perfect Screw
          Pernod Fizz
          Pernod Pit
          Perplexed Pimp
          Pesticidal Cherries
          Peterborough Parallax
          Petit Zinc
          Petite Fleur
          Phantasmic Explosion
          Pharoah's Paradise
          Phat Pussy
          Phil Collins
          Phillip Island Firewater
          Phillips Head
          Phoebe Snow
          Phoenix Paradise
          Phuck Suck
          Physcadelic Summer
          Picasso 1
          Pick Me Up
          Picker's Peach
          Pickled Mountie
          Picon Limon
          Picon Punch
          Picon Whiskey
          Piece of Mind
          Pied Piper
          Pierce Clit
          Piggelin #1
          Piggot's Preference
          Pilgrim Cocktail
          Pillow Biter
          Pillow Mint
          Pimm's Cup New Orleans Style
          Pimm's Mojito
          Pimm's No. 1
          Pimm's Punch
          Pimm's Rangoon
          Pimm's Royal
          Pimm's Turbo
          Pimp & Hoe
          Pimp Cocktail
          Pimp Cocktail #2
          Pimp Daddy
          Pimp Juice
          Pimp Juice #2
          Pina Colada
          Pina Colada #2
          Pina Colada Royal
          Pina Rita
          Pina Vina
          Pine Cone
          Pine Orgy
          Pineapple Banana Refresher
          Pineapple Bomber
          Pineapple Bomber #2
          Pineapple Buganda
          Pineapple Cocktail
          Pineapple Cocktail #2
          Pineapple Currant
          Pineapple Daiquiri
          Pineapple Delight
          Pineapple Drink
          Pineapple F@$k Me Up
          Pineapple Fizz
          Pineapple Francine
          Pineapple Fusion Martini
          Pineapple Hornblower
          Pineapple Hunk
          Pineapple Julep
          Pineapple Martini
          Pineapple Midori Colada
          Pineapple Mint Mojito
          Pineapple Rum Cassis
          Pineapple Snap
          Pineapple Splash
          Pineapple Upside Down Cake Mar...
          Pineapple Wine Cooler
          Pineappleless Pineapple Juice
          Pineapples 'n' Cream
          Pineau cchio
          Pineau Martini
          Pinebrook Screwdriver (Scranton)
          Pink Almond
          Pink Bliss
          Pink Cad
          Pink California Sunshine
          Pink Cello
          Pink Coconade
          Pink Coral
          Pink Cotton Candy
          Pink Creole
          Pink Crystal
          Pink Daiquiri
          Pink Diamond
          Pink Dink
          Pink Drink
          Pink Elephants On Parade
          Pink Faced Liar
          Pink Fingers
          Pink Fluffy Clouds
          Pink Forest
          Pink Fuzzy Pussy
          Pink Goody
          Pink Iguana
          Pink Inside
          Pink Jacket
          Pink Jinx
          Pink Lady #2
          Pink Lenin ade
          Pink Limon
          Pink Lover
          Pink Mafia
          Pink Mikey
          Pink Milk
          Pink Millenium
          Pink Mocha Martini
          Pink Monsoon
          Pink Moose
          Pink n' Tart
          Pink Panther
          Pink Pantie Pulldown
          Pink Panties
          Pink Panties #2
          Pink Paradise
          Pink Penis
          Pink Pillow
          Pink Planet
          Pink Pleasures
          Pink Polka
          Pink Pussy
          Pink Rain
          Pink Rose Fizz
          Pink Star
          Pink Stripper
          Pink Thing #1
          Pink Thing #2
          Pink Top
          Pink Torpedo
          Pink Tutu
          Pink Valdimar
          Pinkeye II
          Pinky Colada
          Pino Frio
          Pinsk Peach
          Pint of Mad Out Of It
          Pinto Bomb
          Pirate Flag
          Pirate Margarita
          Pirate of the Caribbean
          Pirate's Coffee
          Pirate's Cordial
          Pirates of the Caribbean
          Pirates Pleasure
          Pirate's Treasure
          Pisang Garuda
          Pisco Sour
          Pisco Sour #2
          Pisco Sour with Egg Whites and...
          Piss in the Woods
          Piss On Me
          Piss on the Ground
          Piss Water
          Pissed McGillis
          Pissed Off Japanese Minnow Farmer
          Pissing Parrot
          Pistachio Mint Ice Cream
          Pistachio Rumba
          Pit Cocktail
          Pit Stop
          Pitbull On Crack
          Pittsburgh Lemon
          Pittsburgh Sunrise
          Pixie Stick
          Pixie Stix
          Pixy Stick
          Plain Jane Screw
          Plane Bomb
          Planet Smasher
          Plank Walker
          Planter's Cocktail
          Planter's Punch (Americanised)
          Plasse Knock Out
          Plastered Possum
          Platinum Blonde
          Platinum Grand Margarita
          Playboy Bunny
          Player's Passion
          Playful Princess
          Playita Bomb
          Plaza Martini
          Pleasure Dome
          Pleasure Juice
          Plenty O'Toole
          Plimsoll Cocktail
          Plum Cocktail
          PMS Special
          Poca Hola
          Pocket Ball
          Pocket Rocket
          Poison Sumac
          Poisonous Dog
          Poker Cocktail
          Poker Face
          Poker in the Lounge
          Polar Attraction
          Polar Bear Cooler
          Polar Razz
          Polar Roller
          Polish Car Bomb
          Polish Professor
          Pomegranate Martini
          Pomegranate Polecat
          Pomegranate Slam it
          Pompey Royale
          Ponche De Creme
          Pond Scum
          Pooky and Chooky
          Poolside Margarita
          Poomina Fizz
          Poon Juice
          Poop Deck Daddy
          Poor Man's Bloody
          Poor Man's Hurricane
          Poor Man's Margarita
          Poor Man's Martini
          Poor Man's Pina Colada
          Poor Man's Vodka Martini
          Poor Tim
          Pootie Tang
          Pop Crotch
          Pop the Cherry
          Poppin' Tha Cherry
          Poppin' the Cherry
          Por Vida Kahiki
          Porch Monkey
          Pork Chop on Toast
          Pornstar Cocktail
          Port and Brandy
          Port Aransas
          Port Chicago Punch
          Port Cobbler
          Port Eggnog
          Port Flip
          Port Milk Punch
          Port Side
          Port Wine Eggnog
          Port Wine Sangaree
          Porterhouse Blue
          Porto Flip
          Portuguese Daisy
          Pot O' Gold
          Potent Possum
          Pound My Kitty
          Pousse Cafe
          Pousse Cafe #2
          Pousse Cafe a la Francaise
          Pousse Cafe Standish
          Pousse L'Amour
          Pousse Mozart
          Pousse Rapier
          Poutine on the Rocks
          Power of Will
          Power Russian
          Prairie Oyster
          Prawn Salad
          Praying Mantis
          Preacher's Hot Daughter
          Presidente Seco
          Presticles Spectacles Wallet a...
          Presto Cocktail
          Pretty In Pink
          Pretty Martini
          Pretty Ricky
          Pretty Thing
          Prickly Porn Star
          Prince Edward Martini
          Prince Elizabeth Martini
          Prince Igor's Nightcap
          Prince of Wales
          Prince Rupert
          Princess Alexandra
          Princess Cocktail
          Princess Martini
          Princess Morgan
          Princess Pousse Cafe
          Prison Bitch
          Professor and Mary Ann
          Profondo Rosso
          Prohibition Cocktail
          Prom Date Special
          Prom Night Virgin
          Province Town
          Psychadelic Sorbet
          Psychic Venom
          Psycho Citrus
          Psycho's Lover
          P'tit Caribou
          Pucker 7
          Pucker F@$ker
          Pucker Up
          Puckered Parrot
          Puddle in the Rainforest
          Puerto Aventuras Cocktail
          Puerto Rican Popper
          Puerto Rican Sky Rocket
          Puerto Rico Breeze
          Pullen Cherry Bomb
          Pulp Friction
          Pumpkin Eater
          pumpkin pie martini
          Punaka' La Tini
          Punch a la Washington Hotel
          Punch in the Head
          Punch In The Pants
          Punch in the Stomach
          Pure Guava Martini
          Pure Pink
          Purple Bang Up
          Purple Breeze
          Purple Cactus
          Purple Cocktail
          Purple Cool Aid
          Purple Cow
          Purple Crayon
          Purple Death
          Purple Donkey Punch
          Purple Dragon
          Purple F@$ker
          Purple Fairy Dream
          Purple Farmer
          Purple Goddess
          Purple Hardon
          Purple Heart
          Purple Heather
          Purple Heaven
          Purple Helmeted Warrior
          Purple Helmeted Warrior #2
          Purple Honker
          Purple Hurt Juice
          Purple Jim Bob
          Purple Kiss
          Purple LaHizzi
          Purple Lamborghini Martini
          Purple Love
          Purple Magic
          Purple Midnight
          Purple Motherf@$ker
          Purple Nurple #1
          Purple Orchid
          Purple Orgasm
          Purple Panty Dropper
          Purple Passion #2
          Purple Passion Fizz
          Purple Passion Tea
          Purple Peach
          Purple Pecker Spit
          Purple Peedinker
          Purple People Drinker
          Purple People Eater
          Purple Peril
          Purple Popsicle
          Purple Princess
          Purple Purple Popsicle
          Purple Pushover
          Purple Pussycat Juice
          Purple Rain
          Purple Rain #1
          Purple Rain #2
          Purple Russian Gonzo
          Purple Slurpee
          Purple Squirrel
          Purple stealth
          Purple Turban
          Purple Turtle
          Purple Wave
          Purple Wet Dream
          Purple Yummy
          Push up
          Pushkin's Milkshake
          Puss and Lips
          Pusser's Pain Killer
          Pusser's Painkiller
          Pussy Charger
          Pussy Juice
          Pussy Liquor
          Pussy on the Beach
          Pussy On Your Face
          Pussy Popper
          Pussy tat
          Puzzled Tycoon
          Pyrenees Greeting
          QB Sneak
          Quebec Cocktail
          Queen of Hearts
          Queen Of Scots
          Queen's Cousin
          Queen's Park Swizzle
          Queeny Tini
          Quick Decision
          Quick Fix
          Quick Sex on the Beach
          Quick Slammer
          Quick Thrill
          Quick's Killaritas
          Quiet But Quick
          Quilt Lifter
          R & B
          R & R
          R.A.F. Cocktail
          RAC Cocktail
          Rachel's Tidal Wave
          Racing Greyhound
          Racquet Club
          Rad F@$k
          Radio City
          Rafooki Navidad
          Raggae Sunsplash
          Raging Bull #2
          Rain Forest
          Rainbow Brew
          Rainbow Brite
          Rainbow Julep
          Rainbow Orgy
          Rainbow Road
          Rainbow Snowball
          Rainbow Sour
          Rainy Wednesday
          Raki and Water
          Raleigh Autumn
          Ramos Fizz
          Ramos Fizz #1
          Rampaging Gutbuster
          Rampant Rabbit
          Rancho Santucci
          Randy Andy
          Randy Randy
          Ranger Cocktail
          Rare Beef
          Rasmopolitan Martini
          Raspberries Romanoff
          Raspberry Beer
          Raspberry Beret
          Raspberry Beret #2
          Raspberry Bliss
          Raspberry Blush
          Raspberry Bulldozer
          Raspberry Champagne Cocktail
          Raspberry Cheesecake
          Raspberry Chi Chi
          Raspberry Cola
          Raspberry Colada
          Raspberry Cosmopolitan
          Raspberry Deluxe
          Raspberry Fancy
          Raspberry Felch
          Raspberry Girl
          Raspberry Hot Chocolate #1
          Raspberry Iced Tea
          Raspberry Mango Daiquri
          Raspberry Martini
          Raspberry Muscle Relaxant
          Raspberry Pancake
          Raspberry Release
          Raspberry Remix
          Raspberry Renegade
          Raspberry Romance
          Raspberry Southside
          Raspberry Stupid
          Raspberry Swirl
          Raspberry Tea
          Raspberry Truffle
          Raspberry Zima
          Rasta Spliff
          Rasta's Revenge
          Rattlesnake Eggs
          Ratty Ol'Deer Head
          Raving Psycho
          Raw Sewage #2
          Ray Ray
          Ray's Suicide
          Razberi Kicker
          Razberi Sunsplash
          Razzberi Kazi
          Razzle Dazzle
          Ready Steady
          Real 57 Chevy
          Rebel Raider
          Rebel Rouser
          Rebel Russian
          Rebel Yell Cocktail
          Red Alert
          Red Apple Martini
          Red Bit
          Red Bruiser Cocktail
          Red Caramel Apple Martini
          Red Commie
          Red Dog
          Red Dwarf
          Red Especial
          Red Eyed Sailor
          Red Face
          Red Finnish
          Red Gypsy
          Red Headed Mexican
          Red Headed Stepchild #2
          Red Headed Woodpecker
          Red Hope
          Red Hot Chilli's
          Red Hot Lover
          Red Juicy Puss
          Red K Martini
          Red Kryptonite
          Red Lemon
          Red Lion
          Red Lotus
          Red Manhattan
          Red Melon
          Red Mo Fo
          Red Moon
          Red Mouth
          Red nail
          Red Orange
          Red Panties
          Red Rasputin
          Red Rattlesnake
          Red Risk
          Red Rudolph
          Red Rum
          Red Russian
          Red Sampson
          Red Sea
          Red Tide
          Red Tonic
          Red Vodkatini
          Red Wine Cooler
          Red Witch
          Redneck Blitzkreig
          Redneck Cocktail
          Redneck Margarita
          Redneck Zombie
          Refresher #2
          Regatta Moscow Mule
          Reggae Cocktail
          Reindeer's Tear
          Remmsen Cooler
          Remote Control
          Renaissance Cocktail
          Rendezvous Martini
          Reptile (Orginal)
          Resaca Water
          Reservoir Dog
          Resolution Martini
          Retro Girl Bloody Mary
          Reve Satin
          Rhode Island Ice Coffee
          Ricard Tomate
          Rick James
          Ricky Martini
          Rieber Red Margarita
          Riley's Rosarita
          Rip Griffin
          Rising Skirt
          Rising Sun
          Risky Oke
          Ritchie Ritchie
          Ritz Bar Fizz
          Ritz Cocktail
          Ritz Old Fashioned
          Road Runner
          Road Runner #2
          Roadkill Toaster Oven
          Roaring 40's
          Roasted Toasted Almond
          Rob Roy Variant
          Robot Cocktail
          Rochdale Cowboy
          Rochester Iced Tea
          Rock Lobster #2
          Rockin' Killer Koolaid
          Rockstar Margarita
          Rocky's Dilemma
          Rod on the Rocks
          Roger Rabbit
          Roger Swims a Mile
          Rojo Robles
          Roll Me Over
          Roll Me Over and Take Me Home
          Rolling Green Elixer
          Roman Candle
          Roman Riot
          Romance Cocktail
          Romulan Dream
          Rong's Finnigan's Wake
          Ronin Grasshopper
          Rootbeer Piss
          Rosalind Russell
          Rosarita Highball
          Rose Cocktail
          Rose of the Ritz
          Rose of Warsaw
          Rose Water
          Rosy Martini
          Rouge Martini
          Round Robin
          Round Up
          Roxy Special
          Roy Rodgers' Corpse
          Royal Assassin
          Royal Bill
          Royal Caribbean F@$k
          Royal Cheap F@$k
          Royal Hawaiian
          Royal Hot Chocolate
          Royal Laundry
          Royal Passion
          Royal Romance
          Royal Silver
          Royal Sour Kiss
          Royal Temptation
          Royal Turkey
          Royal Wild Strawberry
          Rubber Chicken
          Rubber Ducky
          Ruby Cocktail
          Ruby Port Cobbler
          Ruby Red
          Ruby Runner
          Ruby Soho
          Ruby Tuesday
          Rue L'Orange
          Rue Royale
          Rum Aid
          Rum Alexander
          Rum and Ginger
          Rum Bana
          Rum Bubble
          Rum Cola
          Rum Fizz
          Rum Flip
          Rum Float
          Rum Julep
          Rum Martini
          Rum Ramsay
          Rum Relaxer
          Rum Runner Mondays
          Rum Sazerac
          Rum Scaffa
          Rum Scoundrel
          Rum Sling
          Rum Snap
          Rum Snapp
          Rum Stinger
          Rum Sunday
          Rum Sweetie
          Rum Whaler
          Rumbling Raspberry
          Rumless Rickey
          Rummy Bears
          Rummy Sour
          RumRunner's Easy Margarita
          Russian Apple
          Russian Banana
          Russian Bawls
          Russian Bear
          Russian Cadillac
          Russian Cider
          Russian Comfort
          Russian Cream
          Russian funk
          Russian Kamikaze
          Russian Kelman
          Russian Martini
          Russian Mountain Dew
          Russian Nog
          Russian Quallude
          Russian Quaylude
          Russian Rose
          Russian Satellite
          Russian seven
          Russian Sombrero
          Russian Sunrise
          Russian Turkey
          Russina Cocktail
          Rusty Water
          Ruth Chris Raspberry Rosemary Cosmo
          Rye & Ginger
          Rye and Ginger
          Rye and Pepper
          Rye Bread
          Rye Club Cocktail
          Rye Highball
          Rye Sling
          Rye Sour
          Ryno Supercharger
          Safari Juice
          Sailing By
          Sailor Jerry Butter Rum
          Sailor Mercury
          Sailor Moon
          Sailor Venus
          Saint Paul
          Saint Thomas Smile
          Sake O Martini
          Sake Tsunami
          Saki Surprise
          Salem Witch
          Sally Fudpucker
          Salt and Pepper Highball
          Salt and Pepper Martini
          Salt Lick
          Salted Caramel Martini
          Salty Balls
          Salty Dog #2
          Salty Dog (Vodka)
          Same Old Song
          Samson Cocktail
          San Francisco Sidecar
          San Juan Cooler
          San Remo
          San Salvador
          Sancho Panza
          Sand Dance
          Sand in the Crack
          Sand in Your Shorts
          Sangria Margarita
          Sanoran Desert Sunset
          Santa Cruz Fix
          Santa Maria
          Santa Monica Pier
          Santa's Little Helper
          Santo Libre
          Santorini Sundown
          Sapphire Ricky
          Sarah Cocktail
          Saronno Kir Imperial
          Saronno Peach Fuzz
          Saronno Rose
          Saskatchewan Paralyzer
          Satan's Whiskers
          Satin Rouge
          Satin Sheet
          Saturday Night Special
          Savage Car Bomb
          Savoy Affair
          Sazerac #2
          Sazerac Cocktail
          Scandanavian Sun
          Scarlett Martini
          Scarlett O'Hara
          Scarlett's Torch
          Schnapp Pop
          Schoko Royal
          Scholar's Nightmare
          Schumann's Gimlet
          Scooby Doo
          Scorpion's Tail
          Scotch Melon Sour
          Scottie Mac
          Scottie Was Beamed Up
          Scotty Boy
          Screamin Hudson
          Screaming Multiple Climax
          Screaming Multiple Orgasm On T...
          Screaming Orgasm (San Francisc...
          Screaming Orgasm (San Francisco Style)
          Screaming Slippery Bald Beaver
          Screaming Viking
          Screw The City
          Screw the Polar Bear
          Screwdriver #2
          Screwed Parrot
          Sea Breeze
          Sea Dragon
          Seal Beach Cruiser
          Seapool Royal
          Seattle Sidecar
          Second Night Stand
          Secret Blue
          Secret Soviet
          Seduction on the Rocks
          Seelbach Cocktail
          Seething Jealousy
          Senators Sweet Stuff
          Senegali Sunshine
          Senorita Margarita
          September Morn
          Serial Killer
          Series 7
          Seth's Candyman
          Seven and Seven
          Seven Dials Cocktail
          Seven Veils
          Seville Chocolate
          Seville Highball
          Sex Appeal
          Sex in the Driveway
          Sex in the Shower
          Sex on an Arizona Beach
          Sex on Brighton Beach
          Sex on the Beach Bettsy Style
          Sex on the Beach Bettsy Style
          Sex on the Beach Ultimate
          Sex on the Brain
          Sex on the Dancefloor
          Sex on the Island
          Sex on the Shore
          Sex on the Sofa
          Sex on Ya Mamy
          Sex with Jess
          Sex with the Captain
          Sexual Chocolate
          Sexy Bitch
          Sexy Lemonade
          Sexy Martini
          Shag by the shore
          Shaker Cocktail
          Shakes Party To Go
          Shakin' Blue Monday
          Shamrock #2
          Shamrock Juice
          Shanan's Bloody Mary
          Shannon on the Beach
          Shark Attack
          Shark Bite #2
          Shark's Mai Tai
          Shark's Nipple
          Sharp Hill Sunrise
          Shaved Pussy
          She Hulk
          Sheak's Purple Shirt
          Sherman Tank
          Sherry Cobbler
          Sherry Cocktail
          SherryBear's Lemonade
          She's Paying
          Shetty Classic
          Shining Bull
          Shiny Nail
          Ship's Doctor
          Shirley Effen
          Shirley Tempest
          Shore Breeze
          Si Kami Ki
          Siberian Slider
          Sid Vicious
          Side Kick
          SigTau Scorpion
          Silent Death
          Silent Monk
          Silent Sam Mix
          Silent Touch
          Silk Stocking
          Silver Cloud
          Silver Jubilee
          Silver Sunset
          Simon Sez Seazar
          Simple Charm
          Simply Exquisite
          Singapore Sling (Raffles Hotel)
          Sir Francis
          Sir Knight
          Sister S.
          Six Chicks
          Sixteen and a Half
          Sizz Snot
          Skeet and Lean
          Ski Slope
          Skin and Bones
          Skinny Dip
          Skinny Dipper
          Skunk Teas
          Sky Captain
          Sky Highball
          Sky Pilot
          Slacker's Slammer
          Slammin' Sammy
          Slap Your Mama
          Slaughtering the Slothman
          Sleigh Ride
          Slick Rick
          Slim Ginger
          Slime Cocktail
          Slimer #2
          Slim's Sunrise
          Slippery Dick #2
          Slippery Dickel
          Slippery Nipple #1
          Slippery Nutcracker
          Slippery Panties
          Slippery Strawberry Bald Beaver
          Slippery Surprise
          Slippery Tasty Bald Beaver
          Slippery Todd
          Slippery Virgin
          Sloe Comfortable Screw
          Sloe Comfortable Screw Against The Wall With Satin Pillows The
          Sloe Comfortable Screw Watchin...
          Sloehand Jackson