About Us

My name is Bill and for the record, I’m on the right in the picture above. Her name is Alicia, and she is fabulous.

I started Cocktail Servers.com a few years ago with a database of over 16,000 cocktail recipes. I had this grand idea that with the help of the internet, folks could jump into my site, try a cocktail, send me a picture, write a review, and this site would become the stop for any at home bartender or budding mixologist.

Well let’s just say life got in the way… a job change, moving from Massachusetts to Maine, a divorce, then finding a fantastic partner in this woman. And all the while, the world was facing a global pandemic!

So, we now live on a lake in Maine. The winter is cold, the spring is muddy, but the summer and fall are fantastic.

Alicia and I love to travel. We love to try a new cocktail, even at our old standard restaurants, like North 43 Bistro in Portland, ME or the Merchants in Nashville, TN.

We are trying to make as many of these cocktails as possible, but if any of you out there want to try one, send me the pic and I’ll tag you in the write up! Or if you are a bartender or mixologist (amateur or professional), and have a concoction you want to share with the world, let us know!

In the meantime, we will be shaking martinis, while shaking our asses as we polish our karaoke skills for our next trip to Nashville!

My Latest Recipes