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Ingredients: 2 oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, 10 ozCheerwine soda

The Drunkasaurus

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Whiskey Cocktails Cocktail
By Bill at CocktailServers.com Serves: 1

Its been around ever since Cheerwine has been created the cherry flavor of the soda compliments the smooth taste of jack. It's mostly a southern drink due to the fact Cheerwine soda is most popular in the south. Ingredients: 2 oz Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey, 10 oz Cheerwine soda.


  • 2 oz Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey
  • 10 ozCheerwine soda



Pour 2 ounces jack daniels into a cup then add 10 ounces Cheerwine and stir


Mix and match alcohol content to your liking.


We recommend using any type of glass for this cocktail.

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